Why Choose Self-Publishing?

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For many years, self-publishing was considered the only option for authors who were unable to get a book contract with a major publishing house. While this is sometimes still the case, there are other reasons authors turn to self-publishing. Below, Izzard Ink outlines the most common reasons authors choose self-publishing, and why the industry is growing so quickly today.

Self-Publishing Because You Can

Technology has made self-publishing much easier than it was previously. This includes not only, books, but websites as well. The dawn of the internet made it possible for anyone to create a website and publish their thoughts. This has been considered both amazing and worrisome. It’s amazing because it’s so easy to get your ideas out the world and see them go viral — this would never be possible without the internet. On the other hand, websites often publish a lot of false information, and many readers do not understand that they must consider the source when reading websites or printed material. For this reason, a lot of rumors, fallacies and unverified information are put out to the public and believed, causing people to form opinions and take actions that they may not have taken if they had sound information.

Self-Publishing Radical Ideas

The word “radical” strikes fear into the hearts of many, especially as it applies to ideas. But it doesn’t have to. To be radical, an idea must be very different, or call for a big or serious change. It does not, however, have to be bad or negative. Whether an idea about radical change is positive or negative, however, often lies in the eye of the beholder. Outlawing guns in America, for instance, would be a radical idea, but it would be very welcome to some while thought of as a tragic injustice by others. Because radical ideas are often charged with emotion and even considered dangerous, a traditional publishing house is much more likely to stay away from publishing books about radical new ideas. Whether your idea is to push for a change in American society from capitalism to communism, defund the police, bring prayer back to school, arm teachers, make polygamy legal, get rid of government entitlement programs, make health care or education free, or another one of thousands of ideas, you may have trouble finding a traditional publisher. When you opt for self-publishing your book about your radical ideas, you don’t have to worry what anyone thinks of them. You don’t need sources, corroborating information or a lot of letters after your name that signify a fancy degree. Radical ideas are, after all ideas, and all you have to do is express yours.

Self-Publishing Gives You More Control

Whether you want to self-publish a cookbook, a photo book, a children’s book or a novel, you will have more control over the final product when you choose self-publishing. A traditional publishing house’s success depends on book sales. For that reason, the more “sure things” they publish, the more money they make. That’s why it’s so hard for anyone to break into publishing, especially if they have a new idea. Like movie studios that make the same type of movies over and over, looking for the highest profit, traditional publishing houses like to publish the same kinds of books. So if your idea is to write something similar to Harry Potter or a Stephen King novel — or you’re a highly recognizable doctor, therapist, sports figure, etc. — you’ll have an easier time getting a book contract. Traditional publishing houses often give authors an advance, and when the book is finished, they get their money back through the book’s sales. But if sales tank, they lose money on the project. That’s why they try to ensure success by manipulating your storyline and other elements of your book in order to get it to better conform to their algorithms for success. This is a well-known fact that is disappointing to many authors who, when they finally see their book in print, find it almost unrecognizable. This doesn’t happen in self-publishing. At Izzard Ink, you can choose to have as much or as little help and input from editors and designers as you like.

Self-Publishing: You Keep All the Money

Book contracts with traditional publishing houses can vary greatly. It’s hard to get a book contract at a traditional publishing house without an agent, and that’s a good thing, because authors need someone to protect their interests. What percentage of the profits will an author get? The industry standard is around 25%, but to be fair, the publishing house covers all expenses related to the book, including editing, designing, art, marketing, distribution and more. When you self-publish a book, you pay these expenses yourself — but, you also keep all the profits. At Izzard Ink, we allow you to choose among a number of self-publishing packages, so you don’t need to purchase any services you don’t want. In this way, authors are funding their own dream instead of having to convince someone else to take a chance on them. They are controlling their own destinies by making all the decisions related to self-publishing their book, and you can’t put a price on this type of satisfaction. Some self-published authors make more money than others, but all get to make their own decisions about their book. Many of our authors report that this brings them great satisfaction.

Self-Publishing a Book with Izzard Ink

Izzard Ink has been in the self-publishing business for nearly a decade, and you can’t have that kind of staying power unless you have a successful business plan. We consider ourselves a hybrid of sorts in the self-publishing world. We don’t simply print books; we offer a suite of professional services you can’t get at just any self-publishing house. And while many self-publishers promote self-publishing schools that can be of questionable value, that’s an area Izzard Ink doesn’t get into, partly because we want to fiercely protect the reputation that we have cultivated for being honest, transparent, trustworthy self-publishers. Have an offbeat idea? Contact Izzard Ink today about self-publishing a book.

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