The fact that this book was based on the movie was enticing for Izzard Ink. We enjoyed working with the movie crew and thought the book coming out the same time as the movie would help increase revenue. We worked with one of the screenwriters to get a foreword from Sean Hannity.

let there be light dan gordon

Izzard in Action



The story was pretty much ready to go, as it correlated with the film. Izzard Ink did a final proofread along with the book design, typesetting, and other pre-press items.



The cover needed to tie in and the movie poster was perfect. We worked with a graphic designer of the movie to create the cover and Izzard Ink formatted it for the printer.

Being dead isn’t what bothers him. It’s the voice.

Five simple words that refuse to let him go:

“Daddy, let there be light.”




With the movie release set we had less than 8 weeks to create the book and get it into distribution networks. There was not any time left to do a press run so we sorted out print on demand. One of the benefits with print on demand is we could print hundreds of books in a day and scaling was done by the printer.


Accomplishment Overview:

  • Completed the project in 8 weeks;

  • The book was distributed in 39,000+ bookstores around the world;

  • As the actors went out and promoted the movie, they promoted the book at the same time;

  • Churches used the book as an opportunity for fundraising.

Dan Gordon

About the Author

Dan Gordon is the screenwriter of such movies as The Hurricane (Denzel Washington), Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner), Murder in the First (Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman), Passenger 57 (Wesley Snipes) and was the head writer on the Michael Landon Television series, Highway to Heaven.

Let There Be Light is Gordon’s 17th feature length film, and ninth novel.

Other Case Studies

Mermaid Tears


Sarah has always been a hard-working student, even if she has felt her grades don’t reflect her efforts. She is a good friend, a kind daughter, and she loves being creative. But lately she is struggling with school and friendships, and nothing brings her much joy. Her family doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening, and neither does Sarah. Everyone keeps telling her to do better, and Sarah is trying her hardest, but when her first year of middle school begins, what was supposed to be a fresh start turns into a disaster that quickly spirals out of control. Sarah, who can’t understand why she is feeling this way, begins to seriously wonder if the world would be better off if she was no longer alive. Sarah has always felt a connection with mermaids, and she now wishes she was a mermaid herself, so she could just slip under the ocean and swim away, disappearing from everyone’s lives forever.

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Homelessness is an issue that affects communities everywhere, and is in dire need of attention and forward-thinking solutions. We loved how the author, Sherman Haggerty, is both solution-driven and brings years of first-hand experience dealing with the issue.

The Catalogue Vol. 01


The Catalogue was a project that needed to be completed in a matter of weeks and we appreciated how responsive Fran was—which helped us keep the process moving. The attention to every detail by Fran and her team made this project a success.

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