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Frequently Asked Questions

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I don't know any designers or editors. How do I find them?
Izzard works with the best publishing talent in the business, and we will make sure you are connected with professionals who will help you realize your goals, and with whom you are comfortable working.
If I self-publish, won't my book just get lost among all those other self-published books?
Not with top-level talent working on your book and making sure it can compete on a level well above your average self-published book. We will find the right talent for your work, based on their experience and their chemistry with you, help you pick the one that is ideal for you, and together your team will execute each step of your publishing process. We can help ensure you have a well-thought out business plan for your book, to make sure things don't get lost in the process.
How does your process work?
You will start by learning about our 10 step process and using our free workbook, to get a sense of where you need the most help. This will help you identify the areas of your work that need the most support, whether it is in the writing process, editing, or the publishing process itself. We use our "find, pick, execute" method to make sure you end up with the best possible publishing team for your needs.
How much will Izzard Ink help out with my book?
We can do as little or as much as you want help with. The idea is to provide with the level of support and you need, and allow you to scale your costs to align with exactly what you need, without spending money on unnecessary services. We are all about empowering authors and providing a network of support while helping you retain total control of your project and publishing destiny.
Would Izzard Ink be my publisher?
Yes. If the book is approved by our editorial board. Our editorial board will only approve books of the highest quality.
Does Izzard Ink also handle distribution?
Yes. We do have a distribution network which makes your book available to over 39,000 bookstores all over the world. We also work with print, eBooks and audiobooks. There is a setup fee as well as $1 per print book sold and 10% MSRP of the eBook price. We take care of everything and just send you money and, of course, your tax information.
Does Izzard Ink have a history of success using this method?
We have worked with everyone from first time authors to New York Times Bestsellers to the Hollywood elite. Our client list has sold over 45 million books and we have personally have helped individual authors sell hundreds of thousands of books. We have worked on international publishing deals in Mongolia, China, and Brazil with more in the works.
Does Izzard Ink help me publicize my book?
Yes! We will help you identify the right PR opportunities for promoting your work, and will connect you to a publicity specialist who is right for your project. We only want you using proven methods and we will work with you to develop a plan to get your book out there.

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