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Self-Publishing a Photo Book

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Are you an avid photographer who wants to share your photos with the world? Then maybe you are considering self-publishing a photo book. If so, Izzard Ink, a top self-publishing company, has some words of wisdom to share with you that can help your self-published photo book be more successful than you ever dreamed.

Getting Started with a Photo Book

If you are considering self-publishing a photo book, it’s likely that you have been taking photos for some time. Whether you are a professional photographer or an ardent hobbyist, your photos bring you joy that you want to share with others.

Most photographers have a wide selection of photos they took that they love a lot. You may have a favorite subject, but if you have your camera with you all the time, you will have photos of many different objects and scenes.

When you’re making decisions about self-publishing a photo book, you may benefit from some sage advice from Izzard Ink regarding what your book’s subject should be about.

Photo Book Subjects

Many photographers love nature, and they take photos of flowers, trees, bodies of water, birds, bugs, wildlife and more. Often these types of pictures bring great admiration from others. You may have even won some local contests or sold prints of your pictures at fairs or other outlets.

Another popular genre of photo books is cityscapes. You may think that you have to travel the world to include lots of cityscapes in your photo book, but that isn’t true! You can include only cities in the U.S., only cities in your state, or only your city. Having a local angle to your self-published book narrows your audience, but increases your chances of local success.

Almost as successful as nature photos are animal photos. As you may guess, dogs and cats are among the favorites, but other domesticated creatures such as farm animals, reptiles and fish are also popular.

Anne Geddes made a name for herself taking pictures of babies, but remember that Photoshop played a big role in creating the final prints.

People are often good subjects for photo books, but it can be challenging to choose the right kind of people — after all, people usually want photos of people they know. If they don’t know them, there must be another compelling reason to share the picture. Think of Dorothea Lange’s pictures of families escaping the Dust Bowl and migrating to California, or National Geographic photos of different cultures. These are more news-type photos, but can be powerful. Is there a homeless encampment near you? Is a union picketing their workplace? Is your city or town pockmarked by empty, post-pandemic storefronts? Find what is interesting to you.

Before you jump in with both feet, however, be sure to check out your competition. If you want to publish a photo book for sports fans, car enthusiasts, cockatiel owners or naturalists, see what types of photo books are already out there and make sure yours is different (and better!).

Writing Captions and Copy

Some photographers write their own captions, while others hire a writer to do it for them. If you choose the latter, it’s important to get someone you’re comfortable working closely with. Try to think of them more as a translator — they must completely understand what is going on in the picture and why you took it to properly convey the meaning.

Additionally, you may want introductory sections for different chapters in your book, and a writer can be helpful with these as well.

If you choose to write your own copy, you may also want to avail yourself of Izzard Ink’s editorial services. Poorly written copy can seriously negatively affect book sales and your reputation. A copy editor can smooth out the rough edges and give your photo book the professionalism it deserves.

Marketing a Photo Book

Izzard Ink also offers marketing and distribution services. If you have already made a name for yourself in the industry and have an agent, you may be able to schedule your own appearances to help sell your self-published photo book.

If you don’t, you may want to talk to Izzard Ink about our services. It’s heartbreaking when authors put so much time, effort and money into publishing a book that few ever get to see.

Cost of Self-Publishing a Photo Book

The cost to self-publish a photo book varies as much as the cost to start a business or buy a car. It depends on scores of factors. However, one thing we can say with assurance is that it costs more than self-publishing a book without pictures. Costs for ink, paper, and the quality of the reproductions are all considerations, as are whether you have fold-out pages or photos across two pages. Large or oversized photo books also come at a premium. It’s also much cheaper to print soft-cover books than hard-cover, but you will want to protect your photos with a hard cover.

However, there are many choices you can make that may help you save money. When you meet with a team member at Izzard Ink, we can show you your options with regard to the size and quality of your final product.

Free Consultation with Izzard Ink

In our attempt to answer your questions about self-publishing a photo book, we may have spurred you to think of other questions. That’s a good thing! Write all your questions down, then schedule your free consultation with the team at Izzard Ink. That’s your first step toward self-publishing your photo book and sharing with the world the beauty and authenticity you have captured.

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