Self-publishing is no longer publishing by yourself.™

Self-publishing your book is no longer publishing by yourself.
You’re in good company.

It’s time to tell your story — and you can tell it however you want. That’s the power of self-publishing. But the path to your dream of becoming an author shouldn’t be a lonely road. Izzard Ink Publishing helps you navigate the publishing world while allowing you to remain in control of your work.

Self-publishing with us is simple. Plan, pick and publish. Pick a team of publishing experts who help you with every aspect of your project, from proofreading drafts to creating marketing strategies. With seasoned book publishers on your side, you’re a few steps closer to your goal of becoming an author.

We’re Different from Other Book Publishers

With us, your ideas are always welcome. There’s no need to please an editor or stakeholder. We foster an environment that’s encouraging for everyone —the author, their team and our publishing company.


When you choose us, you have a team of experienced book publishing professionals at your disposal.


Collaboration is our hallmark. It’s your book project; we’re here to make it easier for you.


With years of publishing experience, we have valuable market insights to share with you.


As storytellers ourselves, we know what creative energy and out-of-the-box ideas can do for a book project.


We’re invested in your success. We want your journey with us to be strong from beginning to end.

Let’s Start Collaborating Today

Hybrid or collaborative book publishing gives you the best of both worlds. You retain control and copyright ownership of self-published material. At the same time, you have access to the best talent often only found in traditional book publishing houses. That’s precisely what we offer here at Izzard Ink Publishing.



We’ve done it before, and it works. Our Plan, Pick and Publish service is a proven process that empowers every author, making their dream of creating and publishing their own book a reality.


All successful endeavors, including publishing a book, start with a solid and strategic plan. We assist you with this crucial first step by helping you create a book business plan using our exclusive workbook as a foundation.



We carefully curate 2-3 publishing professionals for your specific needs, experts with years of experience and proven results. We present their portfolios and explain why we think they would be a good fit for your self-publishing project. With our company, you hand select who you want on your team. This team of professionals becomes your support system as you build your brand and work through the publishing process.


Now the fun begins. As the author, your job is to do the writing. Let us sweat the other stuff. As the project owner, you are still in control of all major decisions, like controlling the costs and the artistic and professional expertise. As a self-publishing company, we will be working on your behalf in the background, navigating all the other details to make sure your project is ready to be published.

photo of flying books and tablet
photo of flying books and tablet
group of people in a huddle
group of people in a huddle


Your team will not only have a personal interest in your project, but they will be intimately invested in your success. You will have a dedicated book publishing consultant who is here to guide you and answer all of your questions, every step of the way. In addition, project management is done for you, taking care of such things as managing deadlines, quality control, payment and other details, saving you time and unnecessary stress in an unfamiliar arena.

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Izzard Ink’s free self-publishing guide e-book







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