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Self Publishing Your Book

Self publishing your book can be very rewarding. Many decide to start with an eBook. After many countless hours of dedicated work you see that your eBook paid sales are climbing. You have successfully gained a following as a self-published book author.

According to Forbes, eBooks account on average for 30% of total sales for a title. If you are a successful eBook author, review other options such as print books. It could be to your advantage to create a paperback and hardback version of your book using Izzard Ink print on demand process.

Self Publishing Your Book a Step At a Time

All too often successful self-published authors with success are faced with choices. They do not want to comprise their roots or their royalties. They have done all of the hard work. Now how can they make their printed book look like it came from a big publisher? Where are all of the literary agents that want to take a percentage of your earnings to sign you to a major publisher?

Build yourself as an author just like you would a business. If you are short on funds start out small. The first step would be to reinvest some of your earnings into a new cover and interior design by one of Izzard Ink’s an award-winning designers. This is your first chance to make an impression on potential readers so make sure it is a good one.

Have a professional design the interior of your print edition. This is a great way to maximize your profits. They consider production cost and they work to keep the page count down while increasing readability.

Audiobooks are another avenue for self publishing your book.

Self Publishing Your Book With Editing

Next, contemplate having an experienced content editor edit your book. Readers expect a clean book. This is a bit more of an investment, but as you become more and more successful self publishing your book, you want to be sure you are putting out a good product.

Work on the promotion of your book once the foundation is laid. Place a few ads or try a few radio shows. If you undertake this process you want your book available in as many formats as possible.

As you work though the process of building yourself as an author stay in touch with your fans. Make sure the changes you are making is what they want to see and buy. Your goal when self publishing your book is create quality content and maximize what you take home.

All the steps do not have to be taken at once. At Izzard Ink we work not only to help you publish your book but build you as an author one step at a time.