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A book cover can make or break sales. It’s the first thing buyers see. Get top-quality professional book cover design services. We’re here to help you.

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Get a Great Book Cover Design in Four Easy Steps


We Do Our Homework

Once you get in touch with us, we do our research. We identify your audience, gather market information, present book cover designs and costs, and find book covers that might inspire you.


Choose Your Designers

We’ll compile a shortlist of professional cover designers who know your genre and market, are aware of design trends, and understand how a book cover impacts sales.

The decision is yours: handpick designers you want on your team.


We Design Your Book Cover

After meeting you and learning about your vision, your team of book cover designers will get to work. Count on your designers to take care of every detail, from the thumbnail of your book (which is important for digital sales) to creative elements that spark emotions at first glance.


Choose Your Design

Your book cover designer will present you with three possible designs, letting you choose which best fits your vision-but all will be crafted by an expert to catch the eye of your target audience.

Initial and Final Versions

Book Cover Design Samples

What You Can Expect From Us

Our book cover designers have created covers for multiple best-selling authors, as well as several celebrities.

They’re experts in what your audience expects, with specialized experience in your genre’s visual conventions.

Readers do judge a book by its cover, and it pays off to work with a designer who understands these visual cues.

You will receive at least three cover concepts to review.

As the author, you always have the final say on how your book will be presented.

Ready to Make Your Move?

No matter where you are on your publishing journey, we’re here to support and guide you toward success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a book cover design successful?

Attracting Attention: The primary goal of a book cover is to catch the eye of potential readers. This means using striking visuals, unique typography, or intriguing imagery that stands out in a bookstore or online thumbnail.

Conveying the Book’s Tone and Genre: The cover should give a clear sense of the book’s genre—be it romance, thriller, science fiction, etc.—and its overall tone, attracting the target audience. For example, a romance novel might use warm colors and elegant fonts, while a science fiction book might have more abstract or futuristic imagery.

Balancing Creativity and Marketability: While creativity is important, the cover must also align with market trends and reader expectations for the genre. It’s a delicate balance between being unique and fitting in with what readers are accustomed to.

Legibility and Clarity: The title and author’s name should be easily readable, even in small sizes for online thumbnails. This clarity is crucial for brand recognition, especially for well-known authors.

Emotional Connection: The cover should evoke an emotional response or curiosity, compelling the viewer to pick up the book for a closer look.

Symbolism and Imagery: Effective use of symbols or imagery that relate to the book’s content can create a deeper level of intrigue. This might involve a significant object from the story, a character silhouette, or an abstract representation of the book’s themes.

Quality and Professionalism: A professionally designed cover indicates indicates the same level of care and expertise applied to the content inside.

Adaptability Across Different Formats: The design should work well in various formats, from physical hardcovers and paperbacks to digital e-books and audio books.

Back Cover and Spine Design: While the front cover grabs attention, the back cover and spine are also important, especially the spine, which is often the first thing seen on bookshelves.

Cohesiveness with Series Branding: If part of a series, the cover should maintain a consistent style, color scheme, and typography.

Izzard Ink works with the best cover designers in the field and the cover is included in our Get Ink’d Package. For standalone cover design services, we allocate $3,000. Various factors influence the cost, including experience, complexity, market, book type, scope of work, and rights and usage.

Experience and Expertise: Established designers with a strong portfolio and industry reputation typically charge more than those who are newer to the field.

Complexity of the Design: A cover that requires intricate illustrations, custom photography, or unique typography can be more expensive than a simpler design.

Market and Location: Designers in major urban areas or those who primarily work in markets with higher living costs may charge more.

Type of Book: Designing for certain genres or formats (like coffee table books, children’s books, or textbooks) might cost more due to the specialized skills or additional elements required.

Scope of Work: If the job includes not only the cover but also the layout of the interior, additional graphics, or marketing materials, the cost will be higher.

Rights and Usage: The cost can also depend on the rights being purchased. Exclusive rights for a design will be more expensive than non-exclusive rights.

A typical timeline for book cover design ranges from a few days to several weeks, including initial concepts, review, revisions, and finalization. Factors like complexity and client feedback can affect the duration. A rough estimate might be:

Initial Concepts: 2-3 weeks for the designer to read the book or summary, research, and create initial design concepts.

Review and Revisions: 1-2 weeks for the client to review these concepts and provide feedback, followed by another round of revisions.

Finalizing the Design: Additional time may be needed to finalize the design, especially if there are complex elements like custom artwork.

Creating an attractive book cover involves understanding the book’s content and target audience, researching market trends, and developing a strong, conceptually sound design. It’s essential to balance imagery, typography, and color effectively, ensuring the design has a clear focal point that draws attention.

Book covers are crafted by professional graphic designers specialized in book design. These experts possess a deep understanding of visual communication and marketing principles, enabling them to effectively target the book’s intended audience using strategic visual cues.

While some authors may choose to design their own covers, it’s generally advisable to leave it to professionals. Professional designers have specialized training and expertise in graphic design, marketing, and publishing trends, ensuring visually appealing covers that effectively target the appropriate audience.

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