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Cover Design​

Yes, People DO Judge a Book By The Cover. We make yours look professional! ​

Did you know? A sloppy book cover design gives way to assumptions that the author cut corners on other aspects of the book.

• Don’t make this mistake, your book cover can really make or break sales.

We help you lay out your goals, and then choose professionals to make those goals a reality and ultimately produce a winning book cover design that your audience will be drawn to. Here are our steps to designing the perfect cover for your book:

• We do our homework. We identify your audience, gather information, find examples of book covers that inspire you and set your vision in motion.

• We narrow down the choices and YOU choose the designer. We give you a shortlist of proven, professional cover designers who know your genre, understand current trends and the way book cover design impacts sales; pros who will pay attention to your vision for your book’s cover. All of our designers have worked on #1 bestsellers, and many have worked as art directors for Big 5 publishers.

• Your team of hand picked book cover designers will get underway creating the book cover design that best matches your vision while taking care that your books first impression in a good one.

• Finally, your team understands just how personal your manuscript is to you, and we will work with you to ensure your vision is maintained while setting you, the author, up for success.

Did you know? We carefully consider the thumbnail view of your book. This is especially important for digital sales. If your book cover doesn’t show up well online, it won’t sell!

Your book cover needs to spark emotion with the reader at first glance, we have the expertise to help create that important visual.

A successful marketing campaign starts with the right book cover. We know the industry and stay in tuned to the market, we are here to share that knowledge with you and ensure your book “pops” on the shelf.

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