Tim McConnehey

How To Write a Memoir

Wondering how to write a memoir? There are few publishing projects more personal than a narrative of your life’s most pivotal moments, and the process holds unique challenges. While you are the world’s top expert on your own life, the closer you are to the story the harder it can be to take an objective …

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Using Literary Devices

Literary Devices

Many authors know they have a story to tell, but aren’t sure exactly how to tell it. Maybe you’ve started writing, but you need something more to bring the words to life. Particularly if you’re a new author, you may still be figuring out your style—what makes your writing stand out, and how to deal …

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publishing mistakes to avoid

Common Publishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As most authors may already be painfully aware, most self-published books aren’t commercially successful. But most self-published books also make a handful of common publishing mistakes. For authors thinking in terms of writing their book, they might assume that bad writing is the main factor to blame. And good writing and a good idea are …

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self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

How Do Self-Publishing Companies Compare to the Major Publishers?

Not so long ago, there was only one credible route to publishing success, and it relied on a handful of major publishing companies. Today, the situation could not be more different. How you decide to publish your book is as important to your success as any decision you’ll make during the writing process, and there’s …

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Person using e-book

eBook Services

E-publishing has not only opened up new, convenient options for readers, but it is also one of the key developments fueling the rise of self-publishing authors in general. Without the need for a print run, and with a much lower price for entry, eBooks have helped loosen the iron grip of traditional publishers on the …

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Book Interior Design

The first goal of book interior design is to make absolutely certain that the design does not interfere with readability – and this is more complicated than it sounds. But design can accomplish more than just a professional look that will please the eye of potential readers. Book interior design can actually maximize profits by …

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Book quality check

Book Quality Check

With everything that’s happened to your manuscript along the way, it’s important to make sure that your book was reproduced faithfully, and that the production was executed without errors – errors that can lose you readers. Book Quality Check As an author, why should you do a book quality check? A quality check, or quality …

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Book Promotion

Book promotion is one key avenue to help your book stand out in an ever more crowded market of self-published authors. This is increasingly important as self-publishing grows to occupy a larger and larger share of the publishing market. How Traditional Book Promotion Works Traditional publishers tend to grant authors a small amount of funding …

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Self Book Publishing

Self Publishing My Book

Have you ever thought “What does it take when self-publishing my book?” “What are some of the common mistakes to avoid as a self-publisher?” New avenues for self-publishing authors, such as eBooks and print on demand services, have broken the market wide open for independent authors. Self Publishing My Book No longer reliant on a …

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Publishing A Book

Publishing a book is a considerable undertaking. You should expect to make serious investments in time, energy, and funding. And you will need considerable patience before you start to see results. The Foundation Have you ever observed the construction of a multi-story structure? The construction equipment moves, and soon enough a hole is dug in …

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Self Book Publishing Goals

Publishing Houses

Publishing houses offer options for authors. How do you know what publishing option is right for you? Picking the correct option can aide in your success as an author. What are some key avenues that authors should be looking for while picking a publishing house? Publishing Houses & Copyrights Izzard Ink is a different type of …

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