About Our Founder Tim McConnehey

Tim McConnehey’s journey into the publishing world began in 2010 while he was working as a trainer and consultant for a fintech company. He spent years traveling the country helping to develop and refine processes for a wide range of companies. Through his background in corporate training, business management, and business development, Tim gained extensive experience in client services. Things were going well, and the company had just secured a major contract with Lehman Brothers.

But soon, things began to go downhill. As the winds started to shift, downsizing began, and as rumors spread that his product would be retired, Tim happened to read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the new and burgeoning world of eBooks. The article predicted that the market for eBooks would grow 20 to 30 percent in the coming year. Recognizing an opportunity, Tim started seeking out potential authors to publish eBooks. 

During trying economic circumstances, it led Tim to wonder: was this a sign from the universe that it was time to focus on launching Izzard Ink? He also promised his wife that one of them would stay at home with their kids. She was excelling in nursing informatics, so Tim got to be the stay-at-home dad, building a business between diaper changes.

Tim learned of an author who had passed away, and their family asked him to publish the eBook version of a few of his books. The books were successful in their time, but needed an update for the modern, digital era. The family had a desire to revitalize some of the books as well as make other books available in new mediums and to branch out into international distribution. Tim took the project by the horns and made several of the author’s works available in the eBook market. Tim also played an integral part in getting one of the author’s best-selling books published in paperback in China. They started seeing sales right away, with one title selling a few hundred copies a week.

In July 2014, the book’s success had grown enough to garner national attention on FOX News. This validated that the process Izzard Ink Publishing had developed for this particular book had worked, and had clear potential for a variety of publishing projects. From that time, Tim has worked diligently to make sure the process would benefit other authors with different needs, genres, and audiences.

McConnehey has a Bachelor of Arts in International Business from Westminster College and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Wendy and their four children. When he does have the chance to get away from the office, he loves to restore old cars and motorcycles. In June of 2019, he graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. And he is currently attending the Owners/President Management Program at Harvard Business School.


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