Food brings family and friends together. It’s the icebreaker for first dates. It’s also the central social activity for any gathering of people, be it a wedding, birth of a baby, funeral, homecoming, farewell, summer block party, or just for the holidays.


Marco’s Cuisine Dream

While digging through the attic of his grandfather’s home, Mr. Rossi found something amazing.

He did not know that his great-grandfather Marco ran three successful restaurants in the 1890s in Italy.

While reviewing great grandpa’s old recipe journal Mr. Rossi discovered it was Marco’s dream to bring his famous Italian cuisine to the United States; however, fortunes changed for Marco back in 1900.

Taking Passion To The Next Level

Upon immigrating to the United States, Marco became a very successful business owner and his restaurant dream never materialized.

Mr. Rossi wondered what would be different if his great-grandpa’s dream had originally played out.

As for Mr. Rossi, he had discovered something better–the power that good food has over the perpetuation and preservation of old family traditions and memories.

The idea of cookbook publishing began to germinate in his mind.

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From Plate To Paper

With a desire to save his great-grandpa’s 120-year-old recipes, Mr. Rossi set out to publish them.

He started by enlisting the help of professional photographers to take pictures of the dishes he created. He hired an editor to help write the story behind the food.

Then he hired a designer to lay out his cookbook. Pretty soon he had a gift he could give his entire family.

Mr. Rossi’s cookbook has started to sell, and soon it will be preserved among the millions of books at the Library of Congress, where Rossi family traditions will be accessible and guarded for as long as that library stands.

Cookbook Publishing Legacy

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