Izzard Ink’s proprietary software can automate a reliable royalty solution down to one click and dramatically reduce the time you’ll spend tracking royalties.*

* If retailers are using an API.


The Problems with Existing Royalty Software

    • Requires a business to spend time uploading and manipulating forms, and tracking.
    • Susceptible to mistakes that can’t be easily identified.
    • Limited by audit clauses in contracts that require publishers to track everything and show that it’s correct at any given time.
    • Does not contain a fully-automated, one-click, reliable, and affordable royalty solution.

Izzard Ink Royalty Software

We’ve designed our royalty software to:

    • Communicate with our title information software—and even connect to financial software like Quickbooks—so all you have to do is give the approval to pay each bill for your authors.
    • Check into the system to screen for mistakes that staff would otherwise need to fix manually.

Automated Royalty Management

    • Ensure that all ISBN's are mapped into the program so the same ISBN isn’t assigned to more than one project, and no author is paid twice.
    • Let you know right away if weekly reports from retailers don’t upload properly.
    • Run international royalties based on current exchange rates—a process that otherwise is painstaking.
    • Automate every single detail using retailer APIs.



Disclose more data on sales, including format, demographics, and more.


When you can see where sales are coming from, you can build a marketing campaign tailored directly to that audience.


The more books and authors you’re dealing with, the more time and money this saves.


You’ll know that your royalties are handled consistently, efficiently, punctually, reliably, and transparently. This confidence goes a long way.


You will be able to log in and access their information 24/7, which isn’t an option currently offered by most other royalty systems.

Launch Into the Future

    • As with other publishing processes, the future of royalties is making sure that software and platforms in different roles can communicate with each other.
    • When that’s in place, some of the most tedious and time-consuming processes will effectively handle themselves.
    • The system can even go beyond books and work with music or any service that involves royalties.
    • We like to call it the ‘thinking smarter instead of working harder’ way of handling royalties. The platform will evolve even further in the coming months and years.

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