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Book Editing Service

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book editing service

Professional Book Editing Services

Expert book editing services not only refine your manuscript but also enhance your writing skills. A good editor offers solutions, improving clarity, style, and coherence, while providing valuable feedback to elevate both your work and your writing abilities.


A Manuscript Is Edited For Content And Structure

  • Structure editing ensures that ideas are laid out in a logical, coherent way. The editor will look at the presentation in terms of text formatting and space.
  • A content editor looks for errors in terms of accuracy and clarity of the material. He or she may also look for plagiarism issues, and will recheck fact versus opinion in the content. Content editors may verify the sources on quotations, and should also look for consistency in pronouns, tenses, and aspects and other conventions, as well as ensuring consistent use, for instance, of American versus British English.
  • development editor can help develop the smoothness and readability of your writing, or, for nonfiction books, ensure that your level of information is appropriate for your intended audience.

Once you get in touch with us, we do our research. We identify your audience, gather market information, present book cover designs and costs, and find book covers that might inspire you.


Developmental Editing

Stage 1 Editing:

A developmental edit focuses on the big picture of your manuscript:

  • Enhances structure & plot.
  • Improves character development.
  • Refines pacing & flow.
  • Provides in-depth global feedback.

You pick your editor who will elevate your story’s overall quality and impact.


Line And Copy Editing

Stage 2 Editing: 

A line/copy edit meticulously polishes each sentence:

  • Corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation.
  • Ensures consistent style & tone.
  • Enhances clarity & readability.
  • Fine-tunes word choice.

Line/copy editing is ideal for refining language and ensuring professional presentation.



Stage 3 Editing:

A proofread edit is the final polish for your manuscript:

  • Corrects typos, spelling, and grammar errors.
  • Ensures consistent formatting and layout.
  • Checks punctuation and capitalization.

A proofread is essential for a clean, error-free final draft ready for publishing.


How To Choose The Right Book Editor

Match Expertise with Needs: Evaluate each editor’s experience and skills in relation to your manuscript’s requirements as outlined in Izzard’s action plan.

Review Past Work: Consider their past editing projects, especially in your genre, to gauge their suitability.

Communication Style: Ensure the editor’s communication style aligns with yours for a smooth collaboration.

Timeline: Review each editor’s proposed timeline, making sure they fit within your constraints.

A well-coordinated timeline ensures your project progresses without a hitch, meeting your expectations. Choose an editor who not only meets your manuscript’s needs but is a great fit into your timeline.

Our authors collaborate with editors who have experience with acclaimed works like “The Hunger Games”, James Beard Award-Winning Cookbooks, “Gone for Good” (adapted for Netflix), “The Silent Bride”, and numerous other bestsellers.

How Izzard Ink Editing Process Works

Manuscript Assessment

Izzard Ink begins with a thorough assessment of your manuscript, identifying its strengths and areas for improvement.

Action Plan

Post-assessment, Izzard provides a detailed action plan. This plan serves as a guide to what type of editing your book needs, be it developmental, line/copy, or proofreading.

Editor Proposals

Based on the assessment and action plan, Izzard Ink presents proposals from three skilled editors, each capable of meeting your manuscript’s specific needs.

Ongoing Support and Management

Throughout the editing process, your Izzard Ink publishing consultant remains actively involved, ensuring that the chosen editor’s work aligns closely with the manuscript assessment and action plan. This oversight guarantees that the editing process stays on track and adheres to your book’s vision and goals.

How Much Do Editing Services Cost

Editing a 50,000-word manuscript is an investment that varies, typically ranging from $1,500 to $4,500 or more. The cost depends on the specific editing services required, such as copy editing, developmental editing, or proofreading.

At Izzard Ink Publishing, our tailored solutions for a 50,000-word manuscript span from $3,500 to $9,500+, accommodating your needs for line/copy, developmental editing, or proofreading. Our consultants guide you through the process, ensuring a precise fit for your requirements, all while upholding quality standards and ensuring effective project management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak with my editor?

Your publishing consultant will organize communication methods with your editor, typically including a 30-minute meeting after the completion of edits to discuss the changes and any further steps.

Expect the editing process to take approximately three to four months. However, this timeline may extend if your chosen editor has a booked schedule or if additional time is needed for you to implement the suggested edits.

Editing your own book is challenging without the years of experience gained from working with major publishers and well-established authors. Overlooking errors due to personal bias is common. Professional editors bring necessary expertise and objectivity for a high-quality manuscript.

Yes, it’s advisable. Professional editing enhances clarity, corrects errors, provides expert feedback, and elevates your manuscript to a publishable standard with an objective perspective.

Our Get Ink’d Publishing package comes with an eBook version, and we offer audiobook options narrated by professionals who’ve worked with renowned authors like John Grisham, Jodi Picoult, and James Dashner.

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