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Most readers want the eBook version to look just like the print version of a book…but with options for text size, column width, and space between text, and other ways to customize their reading experience.

• Does it sound easy to ensure your book will look the same… except different? Izzard’s expertise makes sense of these competing needs to ensure your books readability.

• Izzard can maintain the integrity of your printed edition in your electronic book while giving readers the flexibility they want and need.

We help you understand the costs and benefits along with the drawbacks of printing exclusively in eBook format.

• For example, authors may not be familiar with a fixed or static layout, or understand the importance of having page numbers or location numbers on a digital version. We get it.​

Ensuring success takes more than just uploading a Word document. Knowing all the nuances that make an ebook readable and enjoyable require a certain skill set.

Creating these files is so time consuming, that doing it yourself could be a full time job. Who has time for that?

Most eBook retailers use an ePub format, but Amazon uses something totally different called .mobi? Don’t know what that means? That’s where we step in.

Readers WILL leave bad reviews for your book if the ebook does not function properly. Or worse, they will contact the retailer and your ebook could get the distinction of having “quality issues.”

We’ll help you avoid all the publishing pitfalls, so that your eBook is on par with the select, polished, quality eBooks produced by professionals, instead of the thousands of mediocre eBooks out there produced by DIY self-publishing services every day.

Take the leap into published author today!