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How to Self-Publish a Coffee Table Book

coffee table book with book and vase
Do you dream about a coffee table book with your name on it gracing living rooms across America? Self-publishing with Izzard Ink can help you realize your dream. Although coffee table books don’t have to be books of photographs, many of them are, because they are as much a decoration as they are a pastime. Filled with beautiful and interesting photos, a coffee table book is captivating to look through again and again. At Izzard Ink, we help many authors publish coffee table books, and we know that the best and most successful ones are the product of well-thought-out ideas. They are broad enough to have good sales potential, but narrow enough to target a particular audience. Let’s take a look at one idea to help demonstrate how to evaluate and hone your idea for self-publishing a coffee table book.

A Coffee Table Book About Dogs

It’s hard to deny that pets are popular in America. Should you self-publish a coffee table book of pets? You could, but maybe narrow your focus a bit. Suppose you chose just dogs — border collies, specifically. While it’s a good idea to concentrate on one breed, the truth is that border collies are No. 33 on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds. Labradors are No. 1, so a book of Labradors might do well. But there are already a lot of books about Labradors, so maybe a book about poodles. They’re No. 7. Or a book of large-breed or small-breed dogs. Are you getting a picture now of how the process works? At Izzard Ink, we help you refine your idea and guide you so that your self-published coffee table book stands the best chance at success.

Coffee Table Books from Start to Finish

Once your idea is firmly fleshed out and you’ve taken and collected your pictures, we use our skills and experience to design the book cover and lay out the pages for maximum appeal. We employ expert designers, and we can make your coffee table book more beautiful than you ever imagined. While our services also include marketing, remember (especially if this is your first book) that coffee table books are marketing tools in themselves. You can gift copies of your self-published coffee table book to your friends and family, your dentist or your hairdresser, and you are practically guaranteed hundreds — if not thousands — of people will see and remember your work. You could even target certain markets based on your subject matter (in this case, veterinarians, dog trainers, dog breeders, etc.). The process of bringing the germ of an idea to fruition is what we love best about the book publishing business. We thrive on the creative process, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Contact Izzard Ink about your idea today, and get the process started for self-publishing your coffee table book.

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