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Designing a book involves learning a new language – one that we’re fluent in.

• If your book doesn’t look great on sight, you can spend as much money as you want on marketing and still get zero traction.

• The look, the feel, the interior, all have to look as professional and finished as any other book on the shelf – and better than many!

You want to start implementing your pre-release campaigns 6-8 weeks before your release date.

• Creating a buzz and initial interest in your book provides a great jumping off point.

• Getting your name on the public radar is the first step in getting your target audience excited about what is to come.

Getting organic reviews for your book will ensure it gets into the hands of the right audience.

• Reviews from readers who are already fans of the particular genre your book is in will pay huge dividends in reaching your target audience. After all, if they liked the book, chances are others will too.

• Be prepared to spend time on the marketing process. Don’t be discouraged by rejections.

We help you quantify your efforts, making the marketing tactics trackable and measurable.

• We can target book sellers, librarians and run ads in Publishers Weekly while also discussing other options that may be available to the author. Taking advantage of these resources help the author understand and track their marketing efforts and dollars.

We can mail your book out to all of the trade review organizations.

• Getting your book into the hands of decision makers and influencers – from book buyers and bloggers to libraries – is paramount to the overall sales of your book.

Targeted ads in trade publications, with a focus on your demographic, will assist in getting even more eyes on your book and create further interest. In addition, genres that rely on attention from industry publications will have even more exposure.

 Media outreach and press releases, with a possibility of radio, print/digital, and TV appearances are other opportunities to get the word out and drive sales.

We have access to national and international book fair opportunities. More possibilities to get your book in the hands of your target audience!

Trade Reviews

• Publisher’s Weekly publishes reviews of roughly 9,000 books a year. Submissions should arrive 3-4 months before the publication date. Their reviews are posted on their website and in their magazine.

• Library Journals select books that are of interest to a broad spectrum of libraries including a range of genres. These reviews are typically 200 words and distributed via the Library Journal Magazine. Submissions should be received 3-4 months before publication date as well.

• School Library Journals are geared toward reviewing children’s and young adult literature and reference books for educators and librarians. They review 6000 or more titles annually, and reviews are 200-250 words. Submissions should be sent 3 months before the publication date and reviews are published in a monthly magazine and online.

Paid vs Non-Paid Reviews – why you should avoid paid reviews

• Paid reviews can take away from the authenticity of your work. Readers are more inclined to choose a book based on an organic review versus someone who was paid to review a book.

We can help you submit your book to both the professional journals AND to reviewers who can post early reviews on sites like Amazon & Goodreads.

Your marketing isn’t a one-and-done thing. You need to maintain a regular marketing strategy and budget.

• Save some of your budget for continued marketing efforts. It can take longer than 6 weeks to get your book where you want it in the public arena.

We can help you with your ongoing strategic marketing

• Amazon Ads: these can boost sales if you have over 30 reviews.

• Book Clubs: plan on sending out some books to readers. This a great way to get those organic reviews!

• Bookbub: to focus on the right demographic again, running targeting messages is vital.

We’ll help you figure out your target market, and where and how to reach it.

If you are reaching the right demographic with your marketing, they will be willing to pay more for it. You actually make more money with a better marketing campaign. If the book is well done and well executed, people don’t mind paying more.

Ready to market your manuscript?