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Promote Your Self-Published Book With the Right Marketing Services

You take care of the writing and but leave the marketing to us. Whether you’ve already published a book and want some help promoting it, or you’ve just written a book and need assistance in designing the cover, printing the book, and marketing it before and after the release, you can count on Izzard Ink Publishing. Our job is to promote and market your self-published novel, children’s book, memoir, or reference book the right way.

With Book Marketing, Timing is Everything

If you only start marketing your book the week it comes out, then you’re already behind. Pre-release marketing is crucial. Create a buzz six to eight weeks before the release date. How? Give advanced reading copies (ARCs) to book reviewers. If they like it, chances are others will, too. You can run ads on trade publications and other platforms as well.

Marketing doesn’t stop after the release; save some of your marketing budget for continued promotional efforts. Your book may benefit from running ads, sending copies to book clubs, and undertaking other strategies.

Bottom line: You need to market your self-published book before AND after the release. With the right timing, your book marketing campaign can lead you to bestseller lists and even TV talk shows.

Start with Pre-Marketing Strategies

If you’re not sure where to begin with your marketing campaign, we can help. We offer a full range of pre-release book marketing services, including:
  • Mailing ARCs

    Getting an advance-reading copy of your book into the hands of decision-makers and influencers can have a huge impact on your book sales. With our vast industry network, we’re the right company to take care of mailing your ARCs to book buyers, bloggers, libraries, trade review organizations, and other influencers.

  • Targeted Ads

    On your behalf, we’ll place targeted ads in trade publications. This strategy will help your book get more exposure, creating a buzz in your book’s target market.

  • Media Outreach and Press Releases

    Over the years, we’ve built solid relationships with professionals in the publishing and media industries. We’ll capitalize on this network by doing media outreach and issuing press releases, with a possibility of radio, print, and TV appearances. Trust us to help you reach your audience before the book release.

  • Book Fair Opportunities

    Our team has access to national and international book fairs. This means more opportunities to get ARCs in the hands of the right people to help get the word out about your book.

Post-Release Marketing

Get readers excited about your book. Our team handles your post-release marketing campaign with:
  • Amazon ads. Placing ads on Amazon is a great way to sustain the hype for your self-published book and attract new buyers.
  • Book club outreach. Our team sends out some books to relevant book clubs. This strategy won’t only increase exposure to your work, but it’s also a smart move to get organic reviews.
  • BookBub-focused efforts. BookBub is a free online service that helps readers discover new books. We’ll place your book in front of those who are on the hunt for their next read.

Book Reviews

Whether it’s pre- or post-release, book reviews can help drive the sales of your self-published work. We’ll help you generate reviews and submit them to trade review publications such as Library Journal and Publishers Weekly. Our team will also assist in submitting copies of your book to professionals who can post early reviews on sites like Goodreads and Amazon.

We Can Do More

Besides handling your marketing efforts, we’ll help you measure the success of your book marketing campaign. We use analytic metrics and tools to see which strategies work for your book. You’ll find out more about your target market and where and how to reach them. Use these insights to continue promoting your book years after its release. You may even have to print additional editions in the future.

More importantly, no matter the strategy or marketing channel we use, remember that in this publishing journey, you’re the boss. You have full control over the direction of the campaign; we’re just here to guide you. We work in the background, making sure readers hear about your work before and after the release.

Ready to promote and market your book?

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We’ve done it before, and it works. Our Plan, Pick, and Publish service is a proven process that
empowers every author, making their dream of creating and publishing their own book a reality.


We assist you with this crucial first step by doing a manuscript assessment. We then strategize together to come up with a plan to align with your goals and vision.


We carefully curate 2 to 3 publishing professionals for you to choose from, for each step of the process — all experts with years of experience and proven results.


We will be working on your behalf in the background, navigating all the other details to make sure your project is ready to be published.


You will have a dedicated book publishing consultant who is here to guide you and answer all of your questions, every step of the way.

What makes us different from other book publishers

With us, your ideas are always welcome. There’s no need to please an editor or stakeholder. We foster an environment that’s encouraging for everyone — the author, their team, and our publishing company.

  • Experienced

    When you chose us, you have a team of experienced book publishing professionals at your disposal.

  • Collaborative

    Collaboration is our hallmark. It's your book project, we're here to make it easier for you.

  • Strategic

    With years of publishing experience, we have valuable market insights to share with you.

  • Creative

    As storytellers ourselves, we know what creative energy and out-of-the-box ideas can do for a book project.

  • Invested

    When you succeed, we succeed. And we’ll work with you each step of the way.