book distribution

Distributing Your Self-Published Books

Without effective book distribution, all the hard work you put into writing, revising, editing, and designing your book equals a lot of work with no guarantee that anyone will ever read it.

Together we can put together an effective marketing campaign and distribution plan that will reach thousands of readers and have your book available in 39,000 bookstores around the world.

• Even though your book is in distribution, it does not necessarily mean it will end up on shelves. We make sure that chain booksellers, online retailers, and independent bookstores can order your book!

• Our goal is to make your book widely accessible, not to be exclusive to one retailer. Izzard Ink’s book distribution services will help bring you results.

We have a detailed approval process for distribution. We work with your editor to make sure your finished book meets our standards for quality and we check that the layout and design are polished and professional.

 Once your book is approved, we put it in our established distribution network. You get the added benefit of piggybacking off of our other authors and titles – and that lends more credibility to your book right from the start.

We know how to present your book to book buyers and get trade reviews, which increases your book’s marketability from the get-go.

You want your book to be findable by readers who are interested in your genre or topic. That is where having the right metadata comes in. We help you with:

• Writing a basic description of about 350 characters – one that will grab and hold the attention of your readers.

• Writing a long-form description, one that can run up to 4000 characters and is targeted to the readers who will be most interested in your book. Missing the mark on this metadata can stop your intended audience from ever finding your book in the first place.

• Using the proper keywords, which in turn helps your audience find your book either on Amazon or in a general internet search.

• Getting set up in BISAC, which determines things like where a book goes on the shelves in bookstores and categorization of marketing efforts.

• Getting your ISBN & Barcode, the industry-standard series of numbers used to identify your book for booksellers and readers. We’re able to help you save hundreds of dollars on getting these in place for your book.

Izzard Ink has a cloud-based system set up for each author. With our system, authors retain the majority of their sales. Izzard Ink takes just $1 a book for print and 10% of MSRP for an eBook. Our proven system makes royalties an easy transaction.

Distribution, Let us do the Heavy Lifting!