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Book distribution services

Without effective book distribution, all the hard work you put into writing, revising, editing and designing your book means nothing if your audience isn’t able to find, acquire and read your book.

What To Expect

Getting Your Book Out In The World

Izzard Ink will help you put together a distribution plan that will reach thousands of readers, with a chance to get into 39,000 bookstores worldwide.

Izzard Ink makes your book available at all the top retailers and we make sure your book can be easily found by readers interested in your genre or topic, by optimizing metadata.

For bookstores, we put your book into distribution networks – it’s up to individual buyers for bookstores whether it ends up on their shelves. That’s why quality in editing and design,, as well as a robust marketing plan, are so important.

Distribution Partners

Distribution Reach and Retail Partners of Book Distributors

Features/ Distributors
Amazon (KDP)
Barnes & Noble Press
Global Reach
170+ countries
150+ countries
190+ countries, libraries worldwide
Limited (Primarily US)
Retail Partners
Amazon exclusive
39,000+ retailers
Rakuten Kobo eReader network, 40,000+ libraries
B&N online and stores
Online Retail
Global online retailers (e.g., Barnes & Noble, Apple Books), library digital platforms
Barnes & Noble online
Physical Retail
Limited through Amazon print services
Wide range of bookstores and chains
Barnes & Noble stores
Library Access
Via Amazon for libraries program
Direct & via aggregators
Primary service via OverDrive
Through partners
School Distribution
Through partners
Extensive through OverDrive
Independent Bookstores
Through Amazon print services
Strong support
Via affiliate program
Via Ingram partnerships
Specialty Stores
Yes, via partnerships
E-book Platforms
Amazon Kindle
Broad (Apple Books, Kobo, etc.)
Kobo eReaders and apps, OverDrive
Nook (B&N's platform)
Audiobook Platforms
Audible, iTunes
Via audio partners
Kobo Audiobooks, OverDrive
Subscription Services
Kindle Unlimited
Available through certain platforms
Kobo Plus, library subscriptions
Limited (Nook Audiobooks)
Direct to Consumer Sales
Yes, via Amazon
Yes, via
Yes, via B&N online

Key Insights:

  • Global Reach and Library Access: Kobo/OverDrive’s extensive global reach and strong library access underscore its strategic advantage in reaching readers worldwide, including educational institutions.
  • Retail Partners: Ingram’s vast network contrasts with Kobo/OverDrive’s unique combination of digital retail and library networks, offering diverse channels for book distribution.
  • Online and Physical Retail: Amazon and Barnes & Noble excel in online and physical book sales, while Kobo/OverDrive specializes in digital distribution, appealing to digital-format readers.
  • Subscription Services: Kobo Plus and OverDrive’s library subscriptions provide additional revenue streams, complementing Amazon’s direct sales and Kindle Unlimited, as well as the limited Nook Audiobooks subscription.

How Izzard Ink Helps With Distribution

Commitment to Quality

Izzard Ink goes beyond facilitating distribution. We place a strong emphasis on helping authors create books that meet the highest literary standards. This ensures that every book not only reaches a wide audience through diverse distribution channels but also stands out for its quality, enhancing reader engagement and satisfaction.

Diverse Distribution Channels

Our global partnerships span the full spectrum of distributors, ensuring your work is available in various formats and platforms worldwide.  From eBooks to audiobooks, from print to digital, we cater to all reader preferences, amplifying your book’s reach and impact.

Flexible, Non-Exclusive Agreements

We believe in freedom for authors. That’s why our non-exclusive agreements grant you the liberty to tap into multiple distribution networks, maximizing your book’s presence without being tethered to a single sales channel. This strategy broadens your book’s horizons, ensuring it reaches every corner of the market.

Personalized Marketing and Distribution Strategy

Your book is unique, and so should be its path to success. At Izzard Ink, we craft marketing and distribution strategies as distinctive as your book itself. By pinpointing the most effective channels and campaigns, we guarantee a targeted approach that connects directly with your audience, maximizing visibility and driving sales.

We'll Handle The Metadata Behind The Scenes

  • Writing a basic description of about 350 characters–one that will grab and hold the attention of your readers.
  • Writing a long-form description, one that can run up to 4000 characters and is targeted to the readers who will be most interested in your book. Missing the mark on this metadata can stop your intended audience from ever finding your book in the first place.
  • Using the proper keywords, which in turn helps your audience find your book either on Amazon or in a general internet search.
  • Getting set up in BISAC, which determines things like where a book goes on the shelves in bookstores and categorization of marketing efforts.
  • Getting your ISBN & Barcode, the industry-standard series of numbers used to identify your book for booksellers and readers. We’re able to help you save hundreds of dollars on getting these in place for your book.

You Get Paid For Your Hard Work

Izzard Ink has a cloud-based system set up for each author. With our system, authors retain the majority of their sales. Izzard Ink takes just $1 a book for print and 10% of MSRP for an eBook. Our proven system makes royalties an easy transaction.

Ready to Make Your Move?

No matter where you are on your publishing journey, we’re here to support and guide you toward success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is book distribution?

Book distribution serves as the link between authors and their audience, ensuring that books are accessible through an extensive array of channels, from local bookstores and libraries to global online platforms. It includes all aspects of bringing books to market, including the physical distribution to retailers and the digital delivery to e-readers and audiobook platforms. Essential elements of book distribution involve:

  • Inventory Management: Overseeing stock levels for physical books to meet demand without excess.
  • Digital Compatibility: Ensuring e-books and audiobooks are accessible across a variety of devices.
  • Partnership Formation: Collaborating with wholesalers and retailers to extend market reach.
  • Global Expansion: Entering international markets to capture a worldwide audience.
  • Print-on-Demand: Using innovative technologies to print books as needed, minimizing storage costs and financial risks.

The share taken by book distributors varies, typically ranging from 15% to 55% of the retail price. For physical books distributed to bookstores, the combined cut for distributors and retailers is usually around 55%, with distributors taking approximately 10% to 15%. In digital distribution, platforms like Amazon or Apple Books may claim about 30% to 65%, influenced by factors such as the retail price and specific distribution terms.

At Izzard Ink Publishing, we understand that maximizing your royalties is important. That’s why we negotiate competitive rates with distributors while prioritizing wide availability.  We’ll provide a clear breakdown of all fees, so you can make informed decisions about your book’s distribution strategy.

A book publisher and a distributor play distinct but complementary roles in the journey of a book from manuscript to reader. Understanding their differences is key for any author navigating the publishing industry.

Book Publisher:

A book publisher is integral to the early stages of a book’s life cycle. They are involved in manuscript selection, editing, design, and printing. Additionally, publishers manage the marketing and promotion to ensure the book reaches its target audience. They invest in the book’s potential and assume the risk of publication, earning a share of the sales revenue in return.

Book Distributor:

A book distributor steps in post-production, focusing on logistics to deliver the book to retailers, libraries, and sometimes directly to consumers. They operate within a sales channel network to maximize the book’s availability, both in-store and online. Distributors do not invest in production but receive a sales percentage for their distribution services.

In essence, publishers create and market the book, transforming manuscripts into finished products ready for consumption, while distributors focus on the logistics of supply, making sure the book is available wherever readers might seek it. Izzard Ink Publishing offers services that encompass both roles, providing  a full spectrum of services, from manuscript to market, ensuring quality production and wide distribution for authors.

The largest book distributor in the world is Ingram Content Group. Renowned for its extensive distribution network, offering unmatched access to bookstores, libraries, schools, and online retailers. With a vast inventory of print and digital titles, Ingram serves as a critical link between publishers and the market, ensuring that books reach readers no matter where they are.

The company’s comprehensive services include print-on-demand, digital distribution, and wholesale operations, making it a one-stop solution for publishers and authors seeking to maximize their books’ reach and availability. The company’s scale and scope in the book distribution industry set it apart, providing essential infrastructure that supports the publishing ecosystem worldwide.

Izzard Ink Publishing capitalizes on partnerships with industry giants like Ingram to afford authors the finest distribution channels available, significantly bolstering the success potential of their books

Distributing your self-published book requires a strategic plan to reach readers and stand out. Izzard Ink Publishing helps you navigate this process with a comprehensive strategy that covers both digital and physical channels:

  1. Digital Distribution: We ensure your eBook is prominently featured on major platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo, optimizing its online presence for maximum discoverability.
  2. Print Distribution: Through print-on-demand services and partnerships with major distributors like Ingram, we make your print book available to a global network of bookstores, libraries, and online retailers, balancing cost-efficiency with extensive reach.
  3. Audiobook Distribution: We can help transform your book into an audiobook and distribute it through popular platforms like Audible, iTunes, and Google Play, tapping into the growing market of audiobook listeners.
  4. Direct Sales: Selling directly through your website can give you a larger share of the profits. We’ll help you set up an e-commerce solution that works for you.
  5. Marketing and Promotion: Distribution is just one piece of the puzzle. We support authors with promotional efforts like social media marketing, online ads, and book reviews to build visibility and drive sales.
  6. Global Reach: Our distribution strategies are designed not just for local but also for international markets, ensuring your book can reach readers across the globe.
  7. Non-Exclusive Agreements: We understand the importance of flexibility. Our distribution agreements are designed to allow you to explore various channels without being locked into exclusive contracts.

Izzard Ink Publishing is your partner in self-publishing success. We offer expert guidance and extensive networks to ensure your book reaches its audience, achieves sales, and gains the recognition it deserves.

Features/Distributors Amazon (KDP) Ingram Kobo (with OverDrive) Barnes & Noble (Press) Izzard Ink Publishing
eBook Distribution
Print-on-Demand Services
Audiobook Distribution ✅ (Via ACX) ✅ (Through OverDrive)
Global Distribution Network ✅ (170+ countries) ✅ (Worldwide) ✅ (OverDrive to libraries) Limited ✅ (Via partners)
Direct Retailer Partnerships Exclusive Amazon Extensive (worldwide retailers & libraries) Kobo Store + Libraries Barnes & Noble Stores Extensive (Multiple partners)
Exclusive Promotional Opportunities ✅ (Amazon Ads, Kindle Deals) Depends on retailer Kobo Promotions B&N Promotions Customized per author
Marketing Services Depends on package
Publisher Tools Intermediate Advanced Intermediate Basic Advanced
Reporting and Analytics Basic Basic Basic Basic Intermediate
Multi-Language Support
Subscription Service Access ✅ (Kindle Unlimited) Depends on retailer Varies by partner
Library Distribution ✅ (Extensive) ✅ (Primary via OverDrive) ✅ (Via partners)
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