Self-Publishing Audiobooks

Just like a theatrical performance, there is value in having a professional narrator bring your book to life.

With Izzard Ink’s audiobook publishing services, and access to experienced and professional talent, we can easily produce a top-notch audio version of your book.

Can’t I just record my own book?

You can, if you have the time, professional quality equipment, and knowledge to do so. It’s not as easy as you might think! You need have the voice, the presence, and a neutral accent. Choosing professional talent whenever possible is the best way to make your book and audiobook attractive to your audience.

With the support of Izzard Ink’s audiobook experts, you will get professional input to produce a superior product that will help your audiobook achieve bestseller status.

We’ll help you with the details like audio formatting, selecting a cover that is optimized for audio formats, and even with distribution.

We’ll work with you to make sure you retain the rights to your work AND get paid the maximum amount in royalties.

Audiobook stars, the industry go-to narrators with the velvety voices, not only lend credibility to your audiobook but make the listening experience much richer.

Well-known performers have a following, which means that they can market your book to their audiences too!

Izzard Ink can set you up with these performers, having worked with many and with access to many more.

People are busier than ever, and many tune into audiobooks for both entertainment and education.

Keep in mind, not all books are ideal for an audiobook. Reference books, image-heavy books, cookbooks, and travel guides are not well suited to audio narration.

Ready to Turn Your Manuscript into a Theatrical Performance?