Book Publishing Services

Book publishing services for self-publishers with Izzard Ink offers options and expertise while providing you, the author, the royalties and involvement that you only get with self-publishing. Our services are provided à la Carte to allow you to call the shots.

From a custom cover to the complete package of copy and content editing, cover design and layout, to distribution and marketing, we have you covered.

Hybrid Publishing

In today’s do-it-yourself publishing world many authors are asking, “I’ve got all these software tools, why I can’t do it myself?” That’s like saying “I just bought a scalpel, let’s see what I can do about this headache.”

Specialized help makes all the difference.

Your best book quality comes from collaboration—by assembling the best talent to handle your book’s presentation needs so you are free to focus on your writing.

Writers are a jealous, fickle bunch. Find in them the most gracious, passionate people on earth, but try meddling in their vision and beware the mamma bear coming for her cub!

That’s why collaboration works so well. While Izzard’s team of experts can deal with the extras that detract from research and creativity, the authors are left free to guide, direct and approve rather than invent those things from scratch.

Custom Book Publishing Services



Can you see the wordiness, over-staging, and out-of-sequence ideas that are spoiling your manuscript? A professional editor can—and that’s your secret weapon.



The first impact of your book is visual. This is one place you don’t cut corners. Let our cover designers create that perfect cover, with you calling the shots using our proven process.



Our professional designers will capture the tone, mood and emotion of your words, using proper font, layout, and illustrating to deliver a strong, enticing message.

Izzard’s Book Publishing Services

Get as close to full-fledged publishing-house services as you want, You are the one in control.

• How will your audience like your product, is it well written? Get feedback here.

• What about the cover? Get feedback here.

• What about internal layout, font size, leading, margins, illustration and placement, the right voice for audiobooks—am I on track? Get feedback here.

But it’s so expensive, some will say.

No, expensive is spending $15,000 on a press run of 2,500 copies of a book nobody likes. Know before going in where every component of your book needs attention.

Let experts convert your work to ebook and audio formats. Let experts utilize their experiences in your behalf so that in the end, they can be proud of their work and you can be proud of yours.

Who Are The Experts?

They range from top-five publishing house art directors, writers and editors with years on the job, to new creatives who are masters of the state-of-art and trending preferences in subject matter, design and covers.

Many have multiple #1 bestsellers they have worked on. Some specialize in non-fiction, others in fantasy/fiction, drama and the corporate communications world.

Izzard places the product with the specialist best suited, and builds a team. You even give to pick the best talent from their customized list. That’s collaboration of the highest order.

Custom Book Publishing Services



It’s a delicate balancing act when it comes to using print-on-demand or managing a press run. We have experts to help you with the process while making your book available at 39,000 bookstores.



E-books are valuable products that shouldn’t be posted as simple Word files. Instead, let our professional E-book designers make your book crisp, clean, and easy on the eye.



Most authors don’t understand the power of on-line and other book-marketing techniques and strategies. Today, it’s much more than just emailing your friends, it’s accessing millions of readers.

3 Keys To Publishing Success – Find, Pick, Execute

The Izzard process is an eye-opener for self-publishers. “I’m just a writer,” most of them tell us. That’s a valid claim, but the innovator (you) knows when your dream is finished, and if it looks right, feels right, and reads right.

Our writers often pick up their first copy of a completed book with a sense of awe—they’ll thumb through the pages, flip it over, turn it back, and then we see it form on their faces: That great grand smile of relief, peace and satisfaction—and then those validating words: “Yes, that’s what I was looking for.”

Custom Book Publishing Services



Don’t forget making an audio version of your book. But don’t pretend “just reading aloud” is what it takes. We have direct access to the best narrators who can turn your book into a performance.



Consulting is not hard-selling. It’s having a friendly assistant who is passionate about making your book the best it can be. Learn the options, talk it over, and decide what direction to go.

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Stay on the cutting edge with professional business communications: printed or electronic training manuals, print books, employee handbooks, and all the pieces in between.

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