Book Publishing Services Designed for the Independent Author


From a polished manuscript to a custom cover, along with marketing to distribution, we guide you every step of the journey.


At Izzard Ink Publishing, you are a vital part of the team. In today’s do-it-yourself publishing world, you could take it all on alone… but having specialized help makes all the difference. Your best book quality comes from collaboration. Assemble the best talent to handle your book’s presentation so you are free to focus on your writing. Izzard’s team of experts can deal with the details that detract from research and creativity.

Proper editing is the foundation of a good manuscript, and a publishable one. We ensure the content reads with clarity and accuracy.

Many people judge a book by its cover. We will create a cover that draws people in and converts them to readers.

Illustrations inside the book are equally important as the book cover, especially if your book is for children. We will guide you through selecting the best illustrating style.

Ready to see your work in print? Turn to us for professional printing services that will turn your book cover and manuscript into a physical book that wows every reader.

Creating a marketing campaign that reaches thousands of readers clamoring to buy your book is the first step.

Then comes distribution, which is more efficient now with online book markets – and Izzard’s expertise can guide you through the process.

Let our professional ebook designers make your electronic version stand out with a polished, professional, finished product.

Increasingly popular in our busy world, audiobooks provide another outlet for your audience to enjoy your book while getting life done at the same time.


Work with talented, award-winning designers who have worked with numerous celebrities and best-selling authors on creating multiple #1 bestsellers.

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