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Success Is Mastering Failure

jumping mountains
It was December 2008. Life could not get any better. After two years of courting the woman of my dreams and finally marrying I had reached nirvana. We packed our bags and enjoyed a 10-day honeymoon in south Florida. Two weeks after arriving home I received a call from my boss. My job was no longer. This was devastating. I had just lost about 50% of my savings due to stock market crash and as a new family we needed the income. A week later my Mom called and said we needed to meet as a family. The news was not good. My father had just been diagnosed with stage three brain cancer. The MRI reveled a tennis ball sized tumor in the front of his brain. For the next two weeks I was paralyzed. I did not know how to move forward. I did know I did not want to feel this way forever. My wife and I slapped a piece of paper on the fridge where we would only list positive things that happened to us. Within three days our list was growing. We focused on how this was a great opportunity that I did not have a job because I was able to be with my Dad during his cancer treatments. Our family grew closer together. I learned what it meant to be a true friend. As my wife and I were reviewing our list of 35 positive things than came out of losing my job, stock market crash and brain cancer it hit us. Success is mastering failure. If I want to be successful in life then I needed to know how to overcome failure and be good at it. The same is true as a writer. Success is mastering failure. It is about how you deal with the rejection letters. Do you give up? When your first bad review hits do you immediately delist your book? There are many “failures” and setbacks in the publishing industry. Conquer failure! You cannot have a best-selling novel if you failed to complete it.

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