Right from the start of the project, we hit it off with the author, Fran Berger. Fran’s passion and enthusiasm for all thing “entertaining and lifestyle” is infectious.

The Catalogue was a project that needed to be completed in a matter of weeks and we appreciated how responsive Fran was—which helped us keep the process moving. The attention to every detail by Fran and her team made this project a success.

the catalogue fran berger

Izzard in Action


  • The Izzard team tied up some of the loose ends when it came to prepress. Our editors took the final layout and checked for design consistency, and then provided a final proofread.

  • The printer mailed out hard proofs that we used to ensure final image quality and make any adjustments.


When it came time to choose the correct materials and foil for the cover, we narrowed the options down with pictures and a video consultation. With a few options, we mailed out samples for Fran to review and finalize. We also sent out a “dummy” book, with a blank interior and a cover with linen, for review. We wanted to make sure everything was perfect in the final product.

“In this book, The Catalogue, I’m going to take you on a journey.

I’ll show you how to create gatherings that produce memories and how to have a home that makes you and others smile.”


The Catalogue’s original images were so flawless and vibrant that only a state-of-the-art offset printer with UV ink could achieve the quality necessary to do them justice. The Izzard team had to deal with a tight timeframe, about six weeks, so overseas printing was not an option. Due to Izzard Ink’s vast printing network, we were able to find a printer and binder less than 400 miles away from the retail location of the book. We even had a “plan B” ready, if necessary, to make sure the books made it to the event on time.

Accomplishment Overview:

  • Fran’s public relations team put on a stunning red-carpet event with celebrities in attendance;

  • The Catalogue event was the first in-person event at Geary’s of Beverly Hills since the start of the pandemic;

  • Izzard Ink was invited and attended the event. The Catalogue’s quality matched and rivaled that of the other high-end coffee table books at Geary’s.

Fran Berger

“Tim McConnehey and Izzard Ink were the quintessential choice for publishing my coffee table book, The Catalogue. Not only was Tim completely hands-on throughout the experience but his expertise and the quality of printing was beyond anything I could have wanted.”

— Fran Berger

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The fact this book was based on the movie was enticing for Izzard Ink. We enjoyed working with the movie crew and thought the book coming out the same time as the movie would help increase revenue. We worked with one of the screenwriters to get a foreword from Sean Hannity.

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