A Printer's Choice

A Printer's Choice Success Story


Achieving the kind of quality and sales associated with traditionally published books can be challenging for self-publishers. Publishing a book properly calls for a range of skills and knowledge that most authors do not start out with, from editing to design to production, and finally to marketing and distribution. It’s easy enough to publish something of mediocre quality without a business plan to get real results—plenty of self-publishing authors do just that. But it won’t get you the results you need.

In our case, W. L. Patenaude, who goes by the name of Bill, found Izzard Ink’s services in the midst of a major shift in his publishing goals, transitioning from non-fiction writing to publishing a sci-fi murder mystery called A Printer’s Choice.


The book explores themes such as the intersection of faith and environmental protection, all in the context of a futuristic mystery that sees its characters working to solve humanity’s first homicide in space. The story is informed by the author’s master’s degree in theology, his engineering degree, and his three decades working for Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management.

Bill thought of self-publishing as a last resort strategy to get his book in front of readers, but once he started to explore the possibilities, it became clear that a publishing partner like Izzard Ink could help him realize his goals far better and far faster than if he tried to go solo.

Our Role

Book cover and interior design

Coordinate distribution efforts

Create a solid business plan

Gather trade reviews


Working with Izzard was the great one-stop solution that helped Bill save his energy for writing, and ultimately succeed with his book.

 The author approved all aspects of the book publishing process.

The author received the attention he required and deserved. Bill has been invited to national radio shows and there has been discussion about making the book into a motion picture!

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