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Fiction: a manuscript based on imaginary events or tales.

A Printer’s Choice- Explores themes such as the intersection of faith and environmental protection, all in the context of a futuristic mystery that sees its characters working to solve humanity’s first homicide in space. The story is informed by the author’s master degree in theology, his engineering degree, and his three decades working for Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management.

Non-Fiction: a manuscript based on facts, such as a biography.

The Naked Communist- Originally written by W. Cleon Skousen and published in 1958 during the height of the cold war. It was so popular in that era that at one point it was selling more than 1,000 copies a day with press runs of 50,000 copies at a time. National radio commentator Paul Harvey endorsed it, national organizations and elected government officials endorsed it, and Look Magazine observed that the book was never formally reviewed by the top three reviewers of the day, yet was outselling other “best sellers” by the thousands.

Preserving History: a manuscript or collection of documents protecting historical facts and information.

Evanston Wyoming Boom Bust Politics – Told through the eyes of a city official who served Evanston as a three-term city council member and a three-term mayor, and meticulously documented using city council minutes, Mayor Ottley shows how this role affected his life and family, and the hell he went through trying to keep the community together through one of the most challenging boom periods in Wyoming history.

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