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Manuscript Assessment Services

Manuscript assessment is an exploration and uncovering of your manuscript’s potential. Our team of editors evaluates your work, providing specific, detailed feedback and actionable suggestions.

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What Is Manuscript Assessment?

Manuscript assessment is an exploration and uncovering of your manuscript’s potential. Our team of editors evaluates your work, providing specific, detailed feedback and actionable suggestions.

This process is not just about finding areas that need improvement; it’s about working on your manuscript’s potential and setting it on the path to publishing success.

An assessment typically covers the following aspects of your writing:

  • Overall structure: The editor will look for any inconsistencies or gaps in the plot and will make suggestions for improving the pacing and suspense.
  • Plot: The editor will identify any plot holes or inconsistencies, making suggestions for strengthening the conflict and resolution.
  • Characters: The development and likability of your characters will be assessed. The editor will look for any flat or underdeveloped characters, and they will make suggestions for deepening their motivations and personalities.
  • Readability: Suggestions for improving the overall flow and readability.

Manuscript Assessment Sample

The first phase of our editing process is understanding your needs. Our skilled editors attentively read your manuscript, identifying strengths and weaknesses, proposing improvements, and guiding you through the editing process. A detailed evaluation is made, typically 5 to 6 pages, to serve as a roadmap for the final form your book’s going to have.

We prioritize matching your text with an editor who understands and identifies with your material. Should you choose further editing services, the same editor ensures continuity, thus building trust. In this manner, you can experience a comprehensive, high-quality edit, setting the foundation for literary success.

7 Reasons To Get An Editorial Assessment

  • Professional Feedback: Expert insights to enhance your writing.
  • Objective Analysis: AI-driven assessment for unbiased evaluation.
  • Market Readiness: Understand how your work fits in the current market.
  • Targeted Improvements: Specific tips for refining your writing.
  • Author Empowerment: Boost confidence and skill in your craft.
  • Strategic Guidance: Get clear action steps for your publishing path.
  • Quality Enhancement: Uplift your work to professional standards.

When To Get A Manuscript Assessment?

A manuscript assessment is a valuable tool that can benefit authors at various stages of their writing journey. However, it’s particularly beneficial at two specific points:

  • After completing your draft: Once you’ve finished writing your document, a comprehensive evaluation can provide valuable insights into its strengths and weaknesses. This feedback will help you identify areas that need improvement, ensuring that your story is ready for professional editing or publisher submissions.
  • Midway through your draft: If you’ve written a substantial portion of your document, a manuscript critique can serve as a valuable checkpoint. Experienced editors can provide constructive feedback to help you refine your story’s direction, ensuring that you’re on track to create compelling and marketable work.

The Manuscript Assessment Process

Manuscript Assessment

Two experienced editors will assess your manuscript. The review includes:

  • Specific examples and tips on how your manuscript could be improved
  • Recommendations for editing
  • A clear path forward to give your manuscript the best possible chance to succeed

For just $595, you get:

  • 7–10 hours of intensive work by top-tier editors reviewing your manuscript
  • An analysis by Izzard Ink’s own unbiased artificial intelligence engine
Personal Meeting

After the assessment is completed by the editors, we’ll set up a 30-minute, 1-on-1 meeting, allowing you to hear their insights first-hand, give your feedback, and work together with a publishing consultant to develop an action plan for moving forward.

Action Plan

The one-on-one meeting will give you the feedback you need to either move forward with editing and publication or, if necessary, to revise your manuscript yourself. Either way, the team at Izzard Ink will give you all the tools you need, without any pressure.

The process also provides a thorough understanding of what it’s like to work with Izzard, and a chance to decide if we’re the right fit for you before making a larger investment. If not, we understand and wish you much success, there’s no pressure. We’re just as interested in making sure it’s a good fit and that authors are comfortable with our process.

How Long Does An Editorial Assessment Take?

The timeframe for an evaluation generally varies based on the manuscript’s length and complexity. Typically, the process includes a detailed editorial review by each of our editors, ranging between 7-10 hours.

After the evaluation, a personal meeting is scheduled to discuss the findings and action plan. Given these steps, the entire process can take 3 to 4 weeks to complete, providing authors with comprehensive and actionable feedback.

Fiction Action Plan

Izzard Ink’s Action Plan for Jenna Dunham’s “Between Past and Present: Tales and Tides of the Little Spokane” outlines a strategy for development and publication.

Emphasizing its historical and literary fiction with nature themes, the plan identifies target audiences, regional significance, and effective promotional strategies.

It offers insightful analysis of the author’s voice, drawing comparisons to renowned authors, and explores alternative title options. This reflects our comprehensive approach to manuscript evaluation and preparation for successful publication.

Non-Fiction Action Plan

Izzard Ink’s Action Plan for W. Cleon Skousen’s “True Stories from the Files of the FBI” provides a strategic roadmap for this historical true crime work.

Serving as a bridge between evaluation and progression, it offers a crucial overview, outlining the premise, historical significance, and contemporary relevance.

The plan details objectives, target audience, and platform-building, identifying areas for improvement while preserving accuracy. It highlights comparable books, emphasizing our commitment to non-fiction resonance with modern readers in historical context.

What You Can Expect To Pay

Regarding cost, authors can expect a transparent and fixed pricing of $595.

Our comprehensive editorial assessment includes:

  • 7-10 hours of intensive work by top-tier editors: Our team of experienced editors will provide detailed feedback.
  • An analysis by Izzard Ink’s own unbiased artificial intelligence engine: Our AI will provide an objective evaluation of your work, identifying patterns, inconsistencies, and potential areas for improvement.

How Manuscript Assessment Differs From A Developmental Edit

The distinction between manuscript assessment and developmental editing lies in the depth and focus of the processes. The first one offers a high-level review and feedback, providing an overall evaluation of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. It serves as a roadmap for authors, guiding them on areas that require improvement.

On the other hand, developmental editing is a more intensive and comprehensive process about the “big picture.” It investigates the story more deeply, focusing on refining the structure, content, and style. It involves detailed, line-by-line editing, reorganizing sections, enhancing character development, and ensuring narrative consistency.

While manuscript assessment offers a broader perspective, developmental editing is a hands-on journey that fine-tunes the manuscript to meet professional standards.

Manuscript Assessment
Developmental Edit
Review Depth
Provides selective and illustrative feedback, including examples.
Offers in-depth and comprehensive feedback, often involving edits.
Examines various aspects of the manuscript, including content, structure, style, cohesiveness, format, repetition, gaps, beginning, and ending.
Suggested Edits
Offers recommendations through samples or comments in a report.
Includes edits to the entire manuscript, reshaping its content.
Offers insights into strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
Author Involvement
Allows the author to decide what and how to revise based on feedback.
Involves ongoing collaboration between the author and editor.
It may require some follow-up from the author.
Aims to identify areas for improvement.
Focuses on refining and transforming the manuscript to its full potential.
It may require some follow-up from the author.
Time Commitment
Requires a limited time commitment from both author and editor.
Involves a substantial time commitment from both parties.
Requires ongoing author commitment to ensure edits are implemented effectively.
Financial Commitment
Requires a limited financial commitment for the evaluation
Involves a substantial financial commitment due to extensive editing work.
Requires ongoing author commitment to ensure edits are implemented effectively.

Izzard Ink Publishing AI Powered Manuscript Assessment

Our manuscript critique is a modern approach that integrates AI analysis with expert human editor reviews.

This combination provides authors with a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation. While AI analysis offers objective insights, such as language use, readability, and technical aspects, human editors bring their expertise to assess creative elements like plot, character development, and narrative style.

Together, they ensure an assessment that identifies areas for improvement and offers actionable recommendations.

Published on

January 30, 2024

“Our manuscript assessment and action plan are built around expert analysis, highlighting specific improvement areas and offering detailed feedback and actionable solutions. “

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a manuscript assessment a valuable investment?

Absolutely, it is a worthwhile investment for authors, providing invaluable insights into your work’s strengths and areas that can be improved.

This guidance is essential for improving your manuscript and increasing its chances of success in the publishing world.

When it comes to the cost of an editorial assessment, it’s important to note that prices can vary significantly depending on factors such as the text’s length and the service provider you choose.

At Izzard Ink, we offer a highly competitive and transparent pricing of $595 for our assessment and personalized action plan.

This fixed fee covers the comprehensive evaluation, ensuring you receive expert guidance and feedback.

When it comes to the critique of a manuscript, the number of reviewers involved can vary based on several factors.

Typically, Izzard Ink engages two expert reviewers alongside advanced AI technology to provide a thorough evaluation. However, the exact number may be adjusted depending on the work’s complexity and the author’s specific evaluation needs.

In traditional publishing, it’s uncommon for it to be accepted without peer review.

However, it’s worth noting that the requirement for peer review may vary in collaborative publishing or specific types of publications. Izzard Ink operates with a distinct approach where peer review is not a prerequisite.

It involves a thorough examination of your manuscript by our team of editors, together with AI.

They assess plot, character development, pacing, narrative style, and more. The AI analysis offers objective insights, such as language use and readability, while human editors provide subjective feedback.

In the end, a detailed report is generated that identifies strengths and areas for improvement, serving as a roadmap for enhancement.

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