Book Cover Design

While it might be the furthest thing from the mind of many writers when they get started, book cover design can truly make or break sales. It’s your first chance to draw in the kind of readers that might take an interest in your book, and your first chance to convince them to look further.

Izzard’s book cover design services will help you get the most out of this crucial aspect of book design, by finding a proven, professional cover designer who knows your genre understands current trends and the way book cover design affects sales, and who will pay attention to your vision for your book’s cover. All of our designers have worked on #1 bestsellers, and many have worked as art directors for Big 5 publishers. Many self-publishing authors don’t bother to use the kind of professional cover design that can stand among bestselling titles from major publishers. These covers employ time-tested visual strategies, genre-specific conventions, and current trends, to attract a set of readers that will not only pick up the book but stick with it. These strategies have been proven to boost sales, and failing to take advantage of this is a missed opportunity for any author.

Genres And Cover Design

It’s not just about an eye-catching, high-quality book cover design. The cover should fit the genre and content of your book, matching audience expectations and appealing to the right set of readers. It should be attractive, but also should fit with conventions that signal to readers what they can expect from your book.

If it fails to do so, the right readers may never notice your book, and the wrong readers might pick it up and never appreciate it for what it is. This could even lead to bad reader reviews if your book never makes it to its intended audience.

 For example, science fiction and fantasy covers are meant to make an imaginary or distant world seem real to the reader. You might accomplish this by pairing fantastical elements with a realistic illustration style, or you might capture your characters in the middle of the action and drama. There are specific visual trends too, such as the use of all-caps titles, certain fonts, and blue and amber coloring. Thrillers and mysteries, on the other hand, may use deep perspective to draw the reader into the story. They often focus on the titles, which are often evocative of the content, and this also helps to avoid giving away too many visual clues about the story.

Often, some ambiguity is built into the image, so it’s not immediately clear what is being depicted. This helps to get the reader’s brain working on figuring it out, something that many mystery readers will enjoy. These covers also often use high-contrast and red coloring to heighten tension and emotions. These conventions are also signs to a set of readers that this is a book in the same vein as others they have enjoyed in the past.

Izzard’s Cover Design Talent

In any case, tests have shown that cover designs from experts can increase click rates for ebooks by as much as 122 percent. Sales for authors often double or even triple with professional redesigns of their book covers. Izzard’s book cover design services will help match you with a cover designer who can make all of these strategies work in your favor. Izzard employs high-level cover design talent with major publishing experience and has won many cover design awards from When you choose Izzard for your publishing project, you’ll get a personal publishing consultant who will help you choose a designer based not only on their resume but based on their awareness of current trends, strategies specific to your genre, their ability to work with your own aspirations for the cover. Izzard’s Find, Pick, Execute method will help you layout your goals, choose professionals to make those goals a reality, and ultimately produce a winning book cover that your audience will love as much as you do. Our workbook will help you identify your audience, gather your information, find examples of book covers that inspire you, figure out what style of cover you want, and to plan your vision from there. We’ll give you a chance to give feedback on your proposed to the team. While our experts are here to take care of the details, your input is paramount every step of the way. Ultimately, our designers will offer you 3 to 5 distinct book cover designs, with the option for up to three revisions on your chosen cover, to allow you to tweak the cover to match what you have in mind for your book. Book cover design is an essential building block for sales, and Izzard is here to help. While you may not be a design expert, we have our own proven experts who can take the pressure off of you and let you stay focused on the bigger picture, while ensuring the book cover design matches your creative vision.