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Paul B. Skousen

The Federalist Papers Made Easier

Discover the essence of American democracy with The Federalist Papers Made Easier. This streamlined edition transforms the complex ideas of Hamilton, Madison, and Jay into an accessible format.


Unlock the Secrets of the U.S. Constitution with The Federalist Papers Made Easier

Discover the foundational text that has shaped American democracy for over two centuries: The Federalist Papers Made Easier. This edition breathes new life into the 85 seminal articles penned by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, providing a crystal-clear understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

In this indispensable guide, every American can delve into the depths of constitutional wisdom, unearthing the Framers’ ingenious solutions for safeguarding human rights and balancing political power. The original 1788 McLean edition is presented in its complete, unabridged form, enhanced for modern readers with:

– Descriptive headlines and summaries breaking down complex arguments

– Underlined key terms for easy reference

– Large, two-column text for comfortable reading

– Numbered paragraphs for quick navigation

– Definitions of archaic terms, alongside footnoted obscure references

– Thought-provoking review questions after each Paper

– An extensive index directing readers to principles and concepts by paragraph


The Federalist Papers Made Easier divides its exploration into two pivotal themes. The first delves into the vision of a united nation, scrutinizing the pitfalls of confederacies and the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. The second part dissects the three branches of government, revealing the necessity of their intricate balance and interplay to maintain checks and balances, thereby upholding constitutional integrity.

Hamilton’s insightful analysis on the potential perils of a bill of rights in Paper No. 84 is a highlight, questioning the shift from permissions to restrictions in managing liberty—a topic that remains relevant today.

With this expertly curated edition, The Federalist Papers Made Easier stands as an essential resource for anyone committed to understanding and preserving the principles of constitutional liberty for future generations. This book isn’t just a read; it’s a journey into the heart of American democracy.

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Release date: October 10, 2023
Page size: 8.5” x 11″
Word count: 354,586
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Paul B. Skousen

About The Author

Paul B. Skousen is a student of the Constitution, author, college professor, and former analyst at the CIA and intelligence officer at The White House. He holds a journalism degree from Brigham Young University and an MA from Georgetown University. He has written 13 books including The Naked Socialist, How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and How to Save the Constitution.


The Federalist Papers Made Easier
Jeff Perry
I have always wondered why more emphasis wasn’t put on the federalist papers in school when learning about the forming of The United States of America and drafting The Constitution. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet on this book and I’m blown away at how much insight this lends to those writings by breaking them down in this way. The Federalist Papers are our opportunity to be a fly on the wall at the time and understand context and intent. Skousen masterfully breaks it down into sections with annotations that ensure the points are not only understood but reference-able by topic. I really like the review questions and can see this easily integrated into any class looking at The Constitution, Convention, and events at that time that inspired those men to craft such an incredible document. With gaslighting constitutional concepts at an all time peak from some of our representatives I think for the 4th of July this year a copy of this book will find its way into my representatives mail box. Keep a copy of the constitution in your back pocket and a copy of this on the desk and perhaps consider sending one to your favorite judge or representative. This country and the constitution is worth saving and this breaks down exactly why. What a gift from Hamilton, Madison, and Jay truly made easier by Skousen.
If you are interested in finding out what the Founders of our country REALLY knew about human nature, principles of freedom and how to preserve our rights, this is the book to buy. I found it so much easier to follow and understand than the original version with all those long paragraphs. Now I know what the U.S. Constitution was designed to do! The new headings make each paragraph so clearly understood, and those drawn out sentences are condensed into clear principles. Skousen even added review questions for further pondering. If you compare Skousen’s version to the original, you will see that NONE of the original wording of the Federalist Papers was changed. It is all simply clarified for easier reading and understanding with headings and emphasis. I highly recommend this excellent resource! In my opinion, “The Federalist Papers Made Easier” should be required reading in every high school. That just might save our floundering country.
In preparing to teach a series of Constitutional seminars in the 1970s I slugged my way through the Federalist Papers. Confusing at times? Yes. Incomprehensible at others? Yes. But Paul Skousen has done what has been needed ever since they came out — a comprehensive study guide which makes all the Federalist papers clear and clean. Highly recommended for those who really want to know what makes our U.S. Constitution great, useful and so necessary today.

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