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Melissa Austin

Easy Home Growing

Transform any space into a flourishing garden with Easy Home Growing, your essential guide to gardening, from basics to advanced techniques.


From Seed to Splendor: Unearth the Secrets of Easy Home Growing

Dive into the world of gardening with Easy Home Growing, a guide that transforms any space, be it a cozy apartment or a sprawling backyard, into a thriving garden. This book, penned by gardening expert Austin, is your go-to resource for achieving food independence and enhancing self-reliance, tailored for both novices and seasoned gardeners.

Within these pages, you’ll discover a detailed introduction to home gardening, spanning from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques. The book is enriched with vivid images, figures, and captivating illustrations, making the journey visually stimulating. Austin guides you through understanding the lunar gardening calendar and offers a comprehensive index for easy reference.

Covering a spectrum of gardening aspects, Easy Home Growing includes practical advice on utilizing common products from local stores, unveiling exciting gardening facts, and exploring the diverse world of food and flowers. The book offers a seasonal guide, highlighting the best practices for each part of the year and advice on what to plant when and where.

Explore chapters on the unique environments of greenhouses, adapting gardening techniques to various climates, and secrets to ensuring a successful harvest. Austin also delves into the broader significance of gardening, comparing indoor and outdoor methods, and discussing the numerous benefits of this rewarding practice. The principles of permaculture and the world of medicinal plants are also comprehensively covered.

Easy Home Growing is not just a book; it’s a continuous reference for anyone aspiring to cultivate a bountiful, eco-friendly garden. With its blend of practical advice and insightful knowledge, it’s a guide you’ll return to year after year, as your garden grows and flourishes.

Category: Non-Fiction Gardening
Release date: February 2, 2023
Page size: 6.5″ x 9.75″
Word count: 73,700
Estimated page count: 272


Melissa Austin

About The Author

Melissa Austin, a native of a quaint farming community in Ohio, cultivated her passion for nature and self-reliance from her earliest years. Her journey into the world of gardening began as a necessity when she first left her hometown, confronted with the challenges of finding quality, accessible food. This led her to explore and master the art of at-home food sourcing. Today, Austin is not just a proficient gardener but a true embodiment of food independence, remarkably sourcing over 90% of her produce directly from her own garden. Her dedication to gardening has not only granted her self-sufficiency but has also nurtured a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that nourishes her in every aspect. Austin’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the rewards of living in harmony with nature.

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