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Veronica Miles

Desserts on the Mediterranean

Explore healthy indulgence with Desserts on the Mediterranean by Veronica Miles, blending over 100 Mediterranean diet-inspired recipes with culinary artistry.


Savor the Sweet Life: Healthy Indulgences from the Heart of the Mediterranean

Dive into a world where indulgence meets health in Desserts on the Mediterranean: Sweets and Treats Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, masterfully crafted by Veronica Miles. Blending her Greek heritage, Mediterranean travel experiences, and culinary school knowledge, Miles guides you through over 100 recipes that balance healthful eating with delightful flavors.

This cookbook is a visual and culinary feast, featuring lush, full-color photographs that make each recipe leap off the page, beckoning you to try healthy yet tantalizing desserts. Savor the delights of Honey Pecan Mascarpone Cups, delve into the decadent Chocolate Apricot Truffles, or surprise your palate with Chocolate Avocado Mousse and Tahini Brownies. Beyond desserts, the book offers refreshing, nutritious beverages like the Watermelon Rosewater Refresher and the Mocha Banana Smoothie.

Miles does more than just provide recipes; she educates on the vital ingredients that make Mediterranean desserts both healthful and satisfying. The book also explores healthy sweeteners, inventive substitutions, and engaging culinary trivia. Desserts on the Mediterranean goes further, delving into the psychology of food cravings and how to distinguish them from real hunger, promoting a more mindful and controlled approach to eating.

This cookbook is not just about treating your sweet tooth; it’s a guide to embracing the Mediterranean diet’s principles, focusing on moderation and the joy of eating. With Veronica Miles’s engaging and accessible style, Desserts on the Mediterranean is an essential companion for anyone looking to enrich their dessert experience with healthier, yet equally satisfying, options.

Category: Cookbook
Release date: February 2, 2023
Page size: 6.5″ x 9.75″
Word count: 43,000
Estimated page count: 272


Veronica Miles

About The Author

Veronica Miles, a culinary artisan with a flair for Mediterranean desserts, discovered her passion during a childhood trip to Greece. Educated in culinary arts and enriched by years exploring Mediterranean countries, she perfected her craft by experimenting with traditional recipes. With fifteen years of experience, Veronica now combines her Greek heritage and culinary expertise in her upcoming book, offering a collection of exquisite Mediterranean-inspired dessert recipes that tell a story of tradition, travel, and taste. Desserts on the Mediterranean is a testament to her journey, celebrating the rich flavors and culture of the Mediterranean.

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