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Fran Berger

The Catalogue

Explore Fran Berger’s The Catalogue – a guide to transforming gatherings into artful, memorable experiences with nine unique sections.


Entertaining Elegance: Crafting Unforgettable Moments from Table to Heart

In The Catalogue, a refined and elegant tome, Fran Berger unveils the art of sublime gatherings through nine meticulously curated sections: Coffee, Bar, Salad, Casual, Formal, Al Fresco, Cool Things, Flatware, and Linen. This coffee table book is an ode to the grace of entertaining, guiding readers on how to transform ordinary moments into unforgettable experiences using beloved household treasures. Berger, a connoisseur of hospitality, invites you into a world where every piece in your home becomes an integral part of memory-making.

Originating from her renowned restaurant, The Farm of Beverly Hills®, which blossomed into a symbol of Los Angeles’ vibrant culture and gastronomy, Berger’s journey is a testament to her innate flair for creating warm, inviting spaces. The restaurant, a beacon of authentic hospitality set amidst the allure of Beverly Hills, became a destination for both locals and visitors, all drawn to its enchanting ambiance and celebrated cuisine.

Berger’s journey, infused with over two decades of expertise in hosting celebrities, family, and friends, has established her as an esteemed tastemaker in her community. The evolution of her restaurant into a beloved city-wide chain, and its eventual sale, underscores her enduring dedication to the ethos that made her establishment a unique gem: a fervent passion for uniting people around the dining table. In “The Catalogue,” Berger shares this philosophy, affirming her belief that it’s around the table where bonds are forged and relationships flourish, creating a tapestry of lasting memories.

Category: Coffee Table Book
Release date: October 20, 2021
Page size: 11″ x 14″
Word count: 5835
Estimated page count: 152


Fran Berger

About The Author

More than a Designer, Fran Berger cultivates the extraordinary with her signature sophisticated style.

With over 20 years of entertaining experience as a renowned restaurateur, Fran Berger is the quintessential expert on elevating all of life’s gatherings into enduring memories.  Whether intimate dinners, large opulent affairs, or a simple table for one, Fran understands the importance of intentional beauty in our surroundings and the invaluable effect it has on our everyday lives. Fran brings her distinctive sensibilities and resounding taste to every space with a curation of special, anomalous designs that create transformative, feel-good experiences at home. An indelible arbiter of remarkable style, Fran has evolved her wealth of knowledge and unmatched passion for form and function into a flourishing career as a home entertaining and lifestyle designer, author, influencer, and TV personality.


The Catalogue
Kym Douglas
TV / Media Personality
Fran Berger has set the bar high with her fabulous collection of home entertaining pieces and clever tips in “The Catalogue”. I am looking forward to creating many holiday memories with family and friends implementing her concepts. It was always a pleasure having Fran on my show “Home & Family” on the Hallmark Channel.
Steven Lenchner
Architectural Glass and Lighting Designer
Fran Berger’s sense of color, shape, and design are inviting and a primer for anyone seeking to create a greater connection to hearth and home. Her passion for home entertaining and sophisticated living are irresistible. Given the events of the past 2 years, it has never been more important to feel a connection to one’s home. “The Catalogue Vol. 1”, is a trove of inviting ideas to those who seek to easily add an engaging sumptuousness to their home and table. As a designer and highly visual person, The Catalogue has left an indelible impression on me by Fran’s luxurious use of shape, light and color combinations.
Akasha Richmond
Restaurateur, Akasha
Fran Berger redefines the art of shopping, and has the endless energy it takes to do it. She loves to collect and curate, bringing an elegant touch to every part of the home.

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