Book Cover Design

Book cover design in traditional publishing is ultimately never designed for the authors, unless it’s an author who has made a lot of money for the publisher. Most of the time the book covers are shown to the author only after its been approved by the publisher, editor and the sales force. Even then, it’s shown as a courtesy.

In the self-publishing world the rules have slightly changed for the authors. They hold onto the reigns of the project all the way through the life of the project. They are the ones spending the money and so have a vested interest in each detail. As a self-published author’s resource, Izzard Ink really understands the author’s needs.

Book Cover Design Tool Chest

Think of Izzard Ink as a tool chest. It’s your project. We provide the tools you need to build. Our resources include consultation with highly talented and seasoned professionals who have worked in the business. Keeping you, the author, in the drivers seat is important to us. We balance this approach with our highly skilled team to help guide you through this process.

For example, you are looking at putting a new lick of paint on the exterior of your house. You pick the color, correct? If you wanted to use wallpaper and tile your kitchen you would also pick the patterns and colors. This is true for most self-publishing venues. You drive the process independently of any consultation.

Izzard Ink is different. We are the interior decorator of the project in the example above. You would like to collaborate with the interior designer as you choose the colors, furniture and wallpaper. In the end you have the final say, but also take into consideration everything the designer advised because you trust their experience and judgment. That is why you hired them. You can do it on your own, but you wanted the guidance of a professional.

A Simple Approach

Izzard Ink’s approach to book cover design is simple: keep your end-goal in mind when designing your book cover.

  • Who is it really designed for?
    It’s for the consumer.
  • Have you ever heard of the seven-second rule in regards to book covers?
    It has been shown that if your book does not appeal to a consumer within seven seconds, then they will pass on your book.

Our book cover designers have years of experience with major publishers. They know how to design a book to pass the seven-second test.

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