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What Are the Benefits of Self-Publishing?

self-publishing a book
When you have a book you want to publish, whether it’s already finished or just an idea, you have to decide if you will go the traditional publishing route or try self-publishing your book instead. There are pros and cons that go with each choice, and it’s important to consider them carefully. Self-publishing a book with Izzard Ink is a little different than with another self-publishing company, however — we’ll tell you how.

Traditional Publishing Houses

Arguably, the hardest part of working with a traditional publishing house is finding one that likes your book (idea) enough to publish it. Many people end up self-publishing after being rejected over and over by traditional publishing houses. Rejection can be disappointing and frustrating, but in the end, with self-publishing, you will see your book in print. Those who do work with traditional publishing houses get some benefits from the deal. New authors who receive a several-thousand-dollar advance can feel like they’ve finally made the big time. But with that advance comes a contract that may severely limit your earnings after the book is published. If your book is a blockbuster, you’ll be happy about your success, but less happy about the money you didn’t get to keep.

Self-Publishing a Book

When you self-publish a book, you generally keep more of the profits from sales. Royalties with traditional publishing houses are usually much lower than with self-publishing, although you may also have to pay fees to online dealers that list your book for sale. Additionally, you have more control over the content when you self-publish a book. Book editors at big publishing houses may demand sweeping changes to your book that make it unrecognizable to you. With self-publishing, creative control rests with you. When you choose self-publishing, your book goes to print faster. Once you finish your book, we put it on the schedule for printing. With a traditional publishing house, your release date is tied to other factors, such as the release dates of books by other authors.

Self-Publishing with Izzard Ink

Some places that call themselves self-publishing houses are actually vanity presses — places that print your book for a fee. They don’t even read the book. In fact, many of them are scams. At Izzard Ink, we work with authors to produce the best-quality books possible. We provide editors, illustrators, graphic artists, designers, marketers and more. In fact, we only work with authors whose book ideas we like. We don’t print just anything. We work hard, and we’re proud of the books we have in print. If you have an idea and are thinking about self-publishing a book, make an appointment with Izzard Ink for a free consultation. We’ll give you feedback on your idea and tell you if we think it’s viable. We want you to have the benefit of our years of experience in the publishing industry. Call or make an appointment online today.

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