If you’re an author wrestling with the decision about whether to try to get a contract with a major publishing house or go with a self-publishing company, we have some advice for you. As one of the industry’s most respected self-publishing companies, Izzard Ink has the knowledge and experience to give you some valuable guidance.

1. It’s a Sure Thing

When you’re trying to get an agent who then tries to get you a contract with a major publishing house, the waiting can be frustrating. Some authors wait their entire lives without ever achieving their dream of seeing their book in print. You may think that these authors simply didn’t merit attention, but we disagree. Success can depend so much on timing and who you know.

If you have your eye on a major publishing house, give yourself a time limit to strike a deal and get noticed. Above all else, you want your book to be seen and read, and if you wait forever for a contract, you may never realize this goal. Choosing self-publishing assures you that your book will be published and available to reviewers and the general public.

2. You Retain Control

Signing a book deal with a major publishing house almost always means giving up control of the final product. They can change the storyline, the outcome, the characters — anything they want. Their goal is not to produce a piece of art; their goal is to make money. If your book is slightly different, offbeat or unusual, they may change it to bring it more in line with other books that are currently selling well. Like a movie house, publishing houses aren’t in the business of taking a lot of chances. They want a return on their investment.

When you self-publish a book, that doesn’t happen. You make all the decisions. You decide what your story is about, who is in it and how it ends.

3. You Get Choices

Not every self-publishing company gives you choices, but Izzard Ink does. At Izzard Ink, we offer you access to our professional team, including editors, illustrators, graphic designers, marketers, distributors and more. You may choose to avail yourself of these services or not. It’s entirely up to you.

As a self-publishing company that has been in the business eight years, we give our advice to authors, but we don’t pressure them to take it.

Self-Publishing a Book

Whether you’re thinking of self-publishing a print book or e-book, Izzard Ink can help. We have successfully published and marketed hundreds of print books and e-books, including children’s books, poetry books, coffee table books and more.

Our team has many years of experience, and we put that experience to work for you. Contact Izzard Ink today to learn more.