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Is Self-Publishing a Book a Good Idea?

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If you want to be a writer and you have yet to be published, you may be considering self-publishing. As you weigh the pros and cons, you might ask yourself if self-publishing is a good idea. And you are right to question it. But we're here to tell you that the difference is not in whether you decide to self-publish, it's which self-publishing company you choose.

Types of Self-Publishing Companies

The self-publishing industry is populated with many different kinds of companies. At the lowest level are scam-type companies that take the money of unsuspecting authors and provide little in return. Right above this are vanity presses — places that print exactly what you give them in exchange for a fee, even if your work has typos or other errors. Books published by these companies are almost always destined to be commercial failures, due to the fact that new authors have no experience in the industry.

Among the best self-publishing companies are those that offer assistance throughout the publishing process, and that's exactly what we do here at Izzard Ink.

In the seven years that we have been helping writers realize their dreams of becoming authors, we have honed our craft and streamlined our process to make it easier and faster than ever to get your manuscript into print and onto shelves.

Steps To Self-Publishing a Book

We offer authors a customized suite of services so that they may have the best chance of success. These include:

  1. Editing. Self-editing is not a substitute for editing; it's merely a necessary part of the process. Writers should always read and re-read their work, making changes and refining it, but there are limitations to this process. One cannot spot errors one is unable to recognize; and with books in particular, if the storyline is confusing, this may not be apparent to the author because they are so familiar with it. A book that hasn't been edited has a lesser chance of success.
  2. Design. Authors sometimes fail to realize the impact a design has on a book, because they are word people and believe that the only thing that really matters is the writing. To be fair, good design will never make up for poor writing, and readers may enjoy a well-written book that has been poorly designed. Here at Izzard Ink, we do our best to set you up for success, and that includes good design.
  3. Marketing. A popular quote from Field of Dreams is: If you build it, they will come. But in real life, this rarely happens. That's why we offer marketing services to our authors — to get the buzz out about your book and boost sales.
  4. Distribution. No one will read your book if they can't find it; that's why we provide distribution services. We make sure your book is available through all the major retailers, online, and in stores.

This is just a taste of the individual attention you'll get from the team at Izzard Ink. We work tirelessly to see to it that your manuscript emerges from the process as the best book it can be. We have years of experience, and the authors we work with trust us. Contact Izzard Ink today to get started self-publishing your book.

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