An editor can make or break your book. Your editor will help you capture what it is you’re trying to say, and help you develop your story, in your voice.  

At Izzard Ink, we recommend starting out with 2 to 3 sample edits from a few different editors before selecting one. This process helps you narrow down the editor whose process and vision align with your own. It also allows you several different perspectives for consideration – which can then be incorporated into the finished book. 

It is important not to skimp on the editing process. Editing your book properly will help you stand out from the competition.

All authors can benefit from a copy editor, a content editor and a proofreader.

• A copy editor looks at the grammar and style of your writing, to make sure it complies with a consistent set of style standards.

• A content editor edits for accuracy and clarity of your book’s content. They will often also look for plagiarism, check for the sources of quotations, and look for a consistent use of pronouns, tenses, and other conventions of language.

• A proofreader’s job is to look for typos and to make sure that typesetting rules are followed. Proofreading is really about making sure the book “looks” right. This is crucial to its readability as well as its professional, finished appearance.

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into writing your book. And having someone give you feedback isn’t always easy. Which means that you need to start with a mindset to receive that feedback.

• It is good to know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as an author. Even when it is hard to hear.

We help you figure out what kind of book editing services you need most, before we help you build a first-rate editing team that is tailored to your needs.

When you work with Izzard Ink, you’ll have access to a personal publishing consultant for each publishing service, including our book editing service.

Our seasoned editors all have experience working with the Big 5 publishers, and will bring that high standard of quality to your book.

Finally, we help implement the chosen editing plan, working together with you and your editor, and managing the process so that it is as smooth and painless as possible.

Let our team of professionals help polish your book today!