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Christian book publishing has become a major category in the book publishing world. Christian authors that have a message to share from their heart can provide readers with encouragement and empowerment. Many of us witness amazing spiritual events in our lives. One that comes to mind took place at a juvenile detention facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A Christian Book Story

Christian volunteers stack the halls of this institution three days a week to provide words of encouragement to youth ages 8-17 that are down on their luck due to poor choices. We were fortunate enough to be in attendance on this particular Sunday morning. We walked into this facility with trepidation and uncertainty, ready to judge and with hard hearts. But we really didn’t know what to expect. We only heard about these young men and the crimes they committed from the nightly news.

They were nameless young people to us. Speaking with the volunteer director, we found out that over 80% of the youth offenders in the facility attend weekly Sunday school lessons… by choice. As the boys filed in, we shook their hands and they took their seats.

The image before us was not what was expected. We saw young men… good kids. We didn’t know their offenses that led to their lockup and the only indication that they were criminals were the matching sweat pants and t-shirts. All the young men, about eight in this particular sub-unit of the facility, were in attendance.

This particular Sunday the subject of “trials” was brought up. A 14-year-old boy raised his hand.“God does not love me because my life is too hard. I wish he would make it easier then I would know He loves me.”

“Is that so? Why do you say that?” replied the volunteer. “What happens when you overcome a trial?  Do you become a better person?”

The young man began to seriously think about this and after a few moments of silence responded without answering the question, “Yes, but my trials are really hard. I do not think I can ever overcome them.”

The volunteer then asked, “How will you feel once you have used God’s help to overcome your trials? God loves you. He will always provide a way out but sometimes not in the way you expect. Possibly, your experience here is an opportunity to take you away from some of the bad situations and give you a safe place.”

This comment seemed to strike a nerve in the young man. The room was silent but the boy seems visibly moved as some new truth entered his mind and an answer to an unspoken question lightened the darkness in his heart. As I watched the boy, a tear made its way out of his eye and down his cheek. The boy simply, quietly said, “God loves me.”

“Yes!” the volunteer replied bursting with excitement. “God gives us trails to help us become more like him. He shows his love by never giving up on you and always being by our side. If we did not have trials we could never learn and realize our greatest potential. You are becoming who God wants you to be.”

Purpose Driven Christian Book Publishing

christian book author rick warren
Author Rick Warren,
The Purpose Driven Life

These events and stories are important and should be shared. A Christian book can change a person’s life. And they are darn good sellers too! In fact, the #1 best selling book of all time is a Christian book… the Bible.

Other Christian books that have made the all time top selling list according to are:

  • Steps To Christ

    by Ellen G. White

  • The Purpose Driven Life

    by Rick Warren

Here is some interesting data taken from website about Christian book publishing:

According to Nielsen book survey data, 14 percent of new books purchased in 2013 were religious. Of those 14 percent, an astounding 67 percent were Bibles (25% of which were purchased in a digital format), followed by religious nonfiction at a respectable 22 percent. However, there is no one size fits all profile for the religious book consumer. In 2013, 56 percent of Bible buyers were male, while Christian fiction and nonfiction consumers skewed female (73% and 60%, respectively). And religious books aren’t just bought by just one particular age group either: 76 percent of Bible buyers were under 45 years old last year.