A 'Self' Book Publishing Company

A book publishing company should work for you, not the other way around. Picking the correct publishing avenue for your book is a daunting task…

• Do you wade through the rejection letters from traditional publishers?

• Do you sacrifice lower royalties to be published?

• Do you take a chance at self-publishing?

Book Publishing Company Challenges

  • With over 22 million books for sale on Amazon how will your book stand out?
  • Why do only 3 in 15,000 childrens’s books get chosen by big publishing houses for success?
  • How do you compete in the cook book publishing market?

Self-publishing has been a popular option with over 35% of author’s choosing to be self-published. While the royalties can increase for independent book publishers, other aspects of book publishing can be overlooked. Some of the most common and most important elements skipped over are content, design, and distribution.

  • How does an author go about obtaining a well-respected copy and content editor?
  • Where does an author turn to find a cover and interior designer that will design their book with the big publisher look and feel?
  • How does an author obtain distribution at up to 39,000 retailers around the world?

Izzard Ink Publishing has worked through all of these hurdles and can help you with one or all of them.

A Book Publishing Company Makeover

naked communist coverIn 2014 Izzard Ink Publishing worked on The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen. The goal of the project was to refresh the book and bring the look and feel of the book current to revitalize sales.

Under the direction of Izzard Ink book publishing company, professional reviews were added. The interior layout was updated increasing readability. The cover design was changed to appear like it was publishing by one of the major publishers. The distribution network increased.

In July 2014 The Naked Communist was mentioned on national TV. Because of the foundation that Izzard Ink laid, The Naked Communist was able to capitalize from the national TV exposure. Within hours hundreds of books were sold. 40% of the total print books sold were outside of Amazon.com. The Naked Communist even reached the top 50 on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Your book is a part of who you are. Why trust your book with just anybody? Every author has different goals and needs. Will your book publishing company attend to them? Izzard Ink Publishing will spend the time help you implement the foundation of success your book marketing will be built on.

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