Book Publishing At Your Service


Plan • Pick • Publish

I wrote the book on how to publish books, so let’s get yours ready for prime time.

Where To Start

First, you need a book publishing company that shows you where to start. A guide that has the answers to help you get the most out of publishing your book.

Well, I have written it. I call it 10 Secrets to a Bestseller, An Author’s Guide to Self-publishing Workbook. It keeps you on the road to successful publishing and helps you manage your time and resources for the most efficient outcome possible.

At the end of it all is your published book entering a highly competitive marketplace. How do we make yours stand out above the rest? By following these three easy steps- Find, Pick, Execute.


First, find what you need. Start by getting your copy of the 10 Secrets to a Bestseller Workbook. For now it’s free… which is ridiculous considering how much went into it. The interactive PDf is a very nice touch. I think you’ll see that my book publishing company is a lot different than the others you may have seen.

Notice all of the options and assistance made available for you to polish your work toward perfection. Find the options you need to help your book’s weak parts become strong, and its strong parts become awesome.


I will offer you my hand-picked selection of 2-3 well-qualified professionals who can help you with what your book needs. They have been part of multiple #1 bestsellers for Big 5 publishing companies.

You pick the experienced publishing professional that matches your needs and syncs with your style and perspective. I help you put together your team, almost as if you were creating you very own book publishing company.


Once you make your decision about who gets to join your team, I will go to work using proven processes and expertise to execute your plan, leaving you free to focus on the writing.

Of course, as the author you are still the boss and in charge of everything. You sign off on every step of the way and own 100% of what is created.

Whether your book is completed, in process, or just an idea you think will contribute to the world in a positive way, you can save time and money starting with my 10 Secrets to a Bestseller Workbook.

Take the first step.

Get your workbook and let me help you turn your “possibility” into a satisfying and memorable “reality.”