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4 Tips for Self-Publishing Your Book

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If you’re not familiar with self-publishing, take it from the experts — there’s much more to it than signing on the dotted line and getting a box of your books in the mail. Or at least there should be. The sad truth is, when you’re looking for the best self-publishing companies, you will unfortunately find quite a few scammers out there — places that take your money in exchange for books that you have no way of selling. Here at Izzard Ink, we have been in business seven years and we have a proven process for self-publishing a book. We offer many services to the authors we work with. We explain what each is for and what it can do for you, and you choose which professionals you want on your team. Below, we give you four important tips to success in the self-publishing world.

1. Don’t Skip Editing

Even if you consider yourself a proud member of the grammar police, your book still benefits from editing. We offer three types of editing: copy editing, content editing and proofreading. You may opt for one or all these services. The best writers know that a “second pair of eyes” is critical to publishing, self or otherwise.

2. Design is SO Important

When you go to the library or bookstore, don’t you scan the covers, looking for an interesting book? You may pick up several, read the back or inside flap and decide it’s not for you and return it to the shelf before settling on one you like. So your cover doesn’t sell your book for you (the words have to do that), but it gets people to pick it up. You could be Shakespeare or Tolstoy, but with a dull cover, your book may never catch anyone’s interest. That’s why having a good cover design is so important. Plus, it’s fun to participate in the process. You can look at our designers’ previous covers and decide what style seems right for you. Then you can tell them what you have in mind, or ask them for their ideas. Seeing the final result is so satisfying!

3. Distribution

Many self-publishing companies don’t get into this step, but it can be a fatal error. If you have no plan for distributing your books, you may find them collecting dust in a neglected corner of your home. We have an established distribution network, and this helps you immensely. One of the reasons we have been able to build this distribution network successfully is we are known for our methods, processes and standards of quality. Self-publishing is so much more than hitting the “print” button.

4. Marketing

A marketing plan is critical to your book’s success, and it goes hand in hand with distribution. With a reliable distribution network, you know your book is available to buyers, but the marketing arm makes them want to buy it. Here at Izzard Ink, we love a success story, so count on us to help you create one! Call us today to get started on self-publishing a book.

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