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How to Self-Publish Your Book in 10 Steps

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1. Feel the Pulse of the Market.

You may wonder how to publish a book that sells well. Start with knowing your audience. Before completing a rough draft of your manuscript; research, and understand the market for your book. What genre is your book; fiction, or nonfiction? Look into current trends in the subgenres, so you can avoid flooding a saturated market.

2. Complete Your First Draft.

Complete a rough draft of your manuscript, which calls for hard work and discipline; this part of the process weeds out many would-be authors. This is also a good opportunity to seek out advice from experienced writers. Ask questions and make sure you’re living up to your own goals for your book. Try not to get caught up on details – finish your manuscript, even if it’s not perfect.

3. Finalize your Manuscript.

This is your chance to aim for perfection. Take into account your feedback from readers, fact-checkers, content reviewers, and your editor to create the best possible final draft from your rough manuscript.

4. Look For an Editor.

Find an experienced copy and content editor with whom you have good working chemistry. This is essential to making sure you receive useful criticism. A good editor will ensure your book is free of grammatical errors and plot holes. Specialized editors such as fact-checkers might be needed in the case of non-fiction to ensure that your content is factual.

5. Form a Support Team.

Don’t expect yourself to do everything when it comes to publishing your book. You will want to find experienced professionals in each of these areas as you move toward your final goal. It is not a question of how to publish a book, but it's more about who is there to support you in this endeavor.

6. Get Book Blurbs/Endorsements.

Getting strong professional book reviews is key to selling your book. They will appear on your back cover, and on retailers’ websites. Find relevant reviewers.

7. Find a Book Cover Designer.

Find a professional designer with experience; this goes a long way toward getting readers to pick up your book. Potential readers will give your book seven seconds. A dynamic book cover design that communicates what kind of content your book offers is the best way to win over these readers quickly.

8. Decide Between Self-Publishing or Going to a     Traditional Publisher.

This means actually publishing a finalized product for customers to buy. This is where you will decide between using a traditional publisher and self-publishing your book. Where major publishers were once the only option, 35% of authors today choose to self-publish. Unsure how to self-publish a book? Don't worry, self-publishing is no longer publishing by yourself. A quality self-publishing service can make sure these aspects get the attention they need and deserve. Choose the right files for the output – high-resolution print files, or properly formatted ePub for electronic publishing. Consider publishing in audiobook format.

9. Promote, Market, and Distribute Your Book.

When it comes to distribution, your book needs to be available from as many retailers as possible. Many booksellers will not sell a book unless it can be ordered from a major distributor. With your book in the distribution network, it is still up to you to market and promote your book.

  • Consider hiring a public relations firm.
  • Create a compelling “book blurb” – a product description for the retailer’s product pages.
  • Look into print advertising for your target market.
  • Think about using an online marketing specialist who knows how to publish a book.

No matter the format, any book benefits from great pre-release marketing strategies, promotion efforts, and distribution channels.

10. Never Give Up

Publishing a book the right way can be a long and in-depth process. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t give up! Understanding the entire picture of how to publish a book brings into focus the need to have a step-by-step roadmap to follow. By following these 10 steps you will increase your level of success as a writer.

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