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Tips for Self-Publishing Christian Children’s Books

Christian children’s book
Lots of would-be authors want to self-publish children’s books. Lots of others want to self-publish Christian books. And some want to combine the best of both worlds and self-publish a Christian children’s book. At Izzard Ink, we help aspiring authors self-publish books of all genres, including Christian children’s books.

Why Christian Children’s Books Are Popular

Christian parents work hard to teach their children to be good Christians, and the more tools they have at their disposal, the easier it is for them. Many Christian parents send their children to Sunday school to learn about Christianity. Like elementary schools, Sunday schools try to make learning fun. But they don’t always succeed. That’s where Christian children’s books can fill a void. Writing a story for children that has a Christian theme or incorporates Christian values can get the message across in an entertaining way that children enjoy. When children ask their parents to read these stories to them again and again, they’re learning important Christian principles. Christian books for young adults can become favorites among this age group, helping to instill the beliefs and morals of the church.

Ideas for Christian Children’s Books

What’s the best way to come up with a good idea for a Christian children’s book?
  1. Modernize an old story: Get inspiration from favorite Bible stories, but put a modern spin on them. That way, children are more apt to learn the lessons you’re trying to teach.
  2. Take ideas from the news: The best stories are rooted in reality. For ideas, read good Samaritan-type stories in the newspaper and add your own details and creative tweaks.
  3. Write a story based on your life: Whether your story idea comes from something your kids did or said or an even from your own childhood, it’s likely an incident that you remember clearly and has made an impact on you. These types of stories tend to be powerful.

Izzard Ink & Christian Children’s Books

Izzard Ink has many years of experience helping authors self-publish children’s books of all kinds. We also are known for our Christian book department. Because of our background in both these areas, we are well-positioned to help you with self-publishing your Christian children’s book. If you have an idea you would like us to give you feedback on, make an appointment with us for a free 15-minute consultation. We can tell you whether we think your idea will make a good Christian children’s book. Once you have finished your first draft, we can help you with editing, illustrations and design. Seeing your Christian children’s book come to life with pictures and art to go with your story is an exciting and fulfilling experience. When your book is printed and ready to hit the shelves, Izzard Ink can also help you with marketing and distribution. The right sales techniques can make the difference between a sleeper and a blockbuster. Ready to move forward with your Christian children’s book? Contact Izzard Ink today. We’re here to help you become a published author and get your books into the hands of your soon-to-be fans.

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