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Steps for Self-Publishing a Cookbook

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Cookbooks are always popular, but today Americans are staying home and cooking more than ever, so the market is especially ripe for this genre. If you have been thinking about self-publishing a cookbook, now is the time to get moving on your project!

Many authors delay their projects because they don’t know where to start. The helpful team at Izzard Ink is here for you. We don’t merely print books; we work with authors from the time they are forming their idea all the way through the sale of their first book. We’re your partner in self-publishing.

Your Idea for Self-Publishing a Book

You may already have an idea for your cookbook, and if you do, that’s great! But if you don’t, we can help you kickstart the process.

Have a computer or a pencil and paper handy for brainstorming — these can really help you organize your thoughts.

Write down everything you love about cooking. Yes, you want to include your favorite dishes, but also include specifics such as if you like to cook alone or with a family member, whether you’re a messy or a tidy cook, what types of cookware you own and use, if you have favorite aprons, who eats the food you make, whether you grow any of your own ingredients, etc.

These details can help you form a more concrete idea, and more importantly, help you differentiate it from all the other cookbooks out there.

For instance, it’s no secret that cupcakes are a popular topic for cookbooks — they yield over 1,000 results on an Amazon search. For that reason, you may want to stay away from self-publishing a cookbook about cupcakes. But if you decide to do it, try to come up with a unique idea. Easy, vegan, and keto have been done.

Tips for Assembly & Photography

Once you hone your idea, begin assembling your recipes. Not every cookbook needs hundreds of recipes. Pick your favorites and sort them into categories, if possible. For example, if your cookbook is about meals you can throw together in 10 minutes after work, you may want to have separate sections for meat, fish, pasta, etc.

As you are likely aware, photos are of top importance when you self-publish a cookbook. When you work with the professionals at Izzard Ink, we can help you determine how to get the best photos of your chosen dishes. The quality of the cover and the photos inside often play a big role in selling a cookbook.

Our team also helps you with marketing and distribution. Most other self-publishing companies don’t do this — their job ends when the presses stop running. We see your project through to the end.

Have an idea for self-publishing a cookbook? Talk to the experienced team at Izzard Ink, and find out how we can help you become a successful author.

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