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Self-Publishing a Young Adult Fiction Book

self-publishing a book

If you're thinking of self-publishing a young adult fiction book, you may feel slightly intimidated by some of the amazing titles already out there: The Fault in Our Stars, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, A Wrinkle in Time, The Hunger Games. At Izzard Ink, our advice to you is to not focus too much on what's already been done, and instead focus on the young adult book you want to self-publish.

Checking Out the Competition

Our editors and marketers usually advise new authors to take a look at what's out there before they get too deep into the planning stages of the book they want to self-publish.

The reason is because — regardless of genre — you want to make sure your idea has not already been done. Checking out the competition is a good idea. You just don't want to allow yourself to be discouraged. You don't want to feel you're competing with War and Peace or The Great Gatsby.

And remember, true innovators allow their creativity to lead them. They don't ask themselves, "Hmm, what would be really innovative right now?"

So be aware, but not obsessed.

Publishing a Y/A Fiction Book

One important factor in self-publishing a young adult fiction book is having the confidence that you understand the young adult market. What makes you qualified to write for this segment of the population?

Maybe you were recently a young adult yourself. Maybe you are the parent of one or more young adults (who might challenge your notion that you understand them!). Maybe you are a long-time middle school teacher, a pediatric nurse, a scout troop leader, a sports coach or somehow otherwise involved with young adults in a way that provides you a window into their lives.

This insight will allow you to write in a more authentic way and draw more readers into your book.

It has been said that some of the best young adult novels attract a much wider audience than tweens and teens. In fact, The Atlantic published a story that says more than half of young adult fiction readers are older than 18. Everyone loves a good story.

Izzard Ink Helps You Self-Publish

Wherever you are in the process of writing your young adult novel, the team at Izzard Ink can help. We offer free consultations, so you can run your idea by us and get some feedback. If you decide to work with Izzard Ink, we provide complete support in the self-publishing process, including editing, design, illustration, marketing and distribution services.

We believe this is the only way a book has a true chance to succeed.

Got an idea for a young adult fiction book? Talk to the team at Izzard Ink about the steps you need to take to self-publish your book.

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