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Publishing Houses

Self Book Publishing Goals
Self Book Publishing Goals

Publishing houses offer options for authors. How do you know what publishing option is right for you? Picking the correct option can aide in your success as an author. What are some key avenues that authors should be looking for while picking a publishing house?

Publishing Houses & Copyrights

Izzard Ink is a different type of publishing house. Since the author pays for all of the work upfront, the copyright stays with the author. Paul B. Skousen, author of The Naked Socialist, understands how important it is to keep all of the copyrights to his books.

Nepko Publishing out of Mongolia contacted Izzard Ink Publishing about translating and publishing The Naked Socialist in Mongolian. It was really easy for Paul to decide to move forward since he did not have any publishing houses that owned any part of his book.

Paul did consult with Izzard Ink about how to move forward. Paul wanted to make sure his royalty and agreement was standard.

Author’s Landing Page

One of the reasons Nepko Publishing was able to find and contact Paul was because of Izzard Ink landing page. It made it very easy to find Paul. When a design, editing, and distribution package is purchased from Izzard Ink an author page is created for them. The goal is to centralize information about the author and to promote their books. Here are some of the features of the landing page:

  • Information about the author
  • Central contact for inquires
  • Connect to your fans
  • Distribute your blogs
  • Connect with other authors
  • Landing page to promote your other books
  • Includes a Book Landing Page with links to retailers
  • Ability to have an Izzard Ink Publishing Business Card listing you as an author* (* additional fee)

With the example of Paul the international translation was not very lucrative to start out with. They only wanted a first print run of 500 books. Many other publishing houses might have not worried about it. But that is why Izzard Ink is different. We work to build the author's credibility as well as publish their books.

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