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Amazon Author Central

Amazon Author Central
Think about the last time you walked into a store. Remember how nicely the products were faced on the shelf? What about how clear and concise the product descriptions were? Did all the products look clean and well placed? What if you had the power as an author to control how your book looked to consumers? Would you take advantage of the opportunity? With Amazon Author Central you can control how your product looks on Amazon. It does not matter if you are a self-published author or published by a major publisher. This is something that no author should overlook. Best of all it is free. Now, how do you navigate the site and what is important?

Amazon Author Central Author Page

The author page is the heart and soul of Amazon Author Central. Make sure to fill out the author bio section as it will show up on Amazon main page when readers want to know more about the author. The blog section is a great place to share your blog with Amazon readers. If you are doing a book signing or any other type of event such as speaking let the Amazon crowd know by using the event section. The Author Page URL should be customized so you can rank higher in search engine results. Add as many photos as you think are relevant. Readers love to know more about each author. If you have a video introduction this is the place to put it. We also have seen authors place video endorsements for their books here as well. Last of all, fill out your Twitter information and share it with your fans.


The book section is where authors add all of their titles, create and edit descriptions, add reviews or change the author’s biography. This is how you make sure your books look the best they can. We have noticed that submitted text and images don’t always appear the same once posted on-line.  We recommend that you go back a few days after posting to make sure your book and descriptive materials look the way you intended them to look. Be sure to fill out all the requested information for each medium in which your book is available, such as eBook or paperback.

Sales Information

Our authors love tracking their sales and the sales information is the place to get all of your sales curtsey of Nielson BookScan. We also find the data to be accurate. The other helpful tool on this page is sales by geography. Authors have used this to find out in what states their books are doing well. This is particularly useful when marketing a book. Authors use the data to figure out where their books are doing well and what regions might have opportunities for them to explore.

Customer Reviews

At Izzard Ink we love this section. It lets an author see all sales data in one location for all books an author has published. This lets an author make marketing adjustments to improve sales. Amazon Author Central is a powerful tool for the novice and veteran author, and Izzard Ink staff are happy to walk you through the process as you work toward becoming a more successful author.

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