Work directly with experienced publishing professionals without the cost of a ‘big publishing house’.

Get a polished book while still maintaining creative control.

Work directly with your own hand-selected team of seasoned professionals.

Get the amazing value of self publishing your book rather than going the traditional publishing route, while not losing anything in quality.

We provide a custom quote specifically for you based on your needs – and we make sure that it fits within your budget.

Our industry-standard pricing ensures you benefit with top talent, true value, and a high-quality product.

You build your own team, which means that where pricing is a consideration, you can select your team based on cost.

Our Book Publishing Services include:

• Covers: $2,000+

Our designers have worked with numerous celebrities and have gained many #1 bestsellers. They will create an appropriate cover for your book, one that will captivate viewers at first glance.

• Basic Proofreading: $3+ / page, based on industry standards

Having another set of eyes look over your manuscript will ensure you have a polished, finished product.

• Full Developmental Editing: $15+ / page

Developmental editing includes a structural edit of your book and plot development, as well as classic line editing: grammatical errors, extra words etc. We help you make sure your manuscript reflects your professionality as an author.

• Illustrations: $200+

Our designers will capture the tone and mood of your words through proper illustrations.

• Book Interior Design: $750+ to start

The interior design will reflect the message of the book while ensuring readability and legibility. This also includes typesetting and quality checks, ebooks included.

• Audiobooks: $500+ per finished hour

We have access to some of the best narrators in the industry, turning your story into a performance and making it accessible to all.

• Done For You Distribution: $650+

Having your book in front of the right audience is key, and we help get it there.

• Basic Marketing Plan: $500+

Using marketing tools like social media, websites and blogs, and book reviews are just a few of the ways we get your book out to the masses

* NOTE: these are average prices for some of our high quality and professional services. We provide a range of pricing and will work with you to provide a custom package to meet your needs.

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