Work directly with experienced publishing professionals without the cost of a ‘big publishing house’.

  • Get a polished book while still maintaining creative control.
  • Work directly with your own hand-selected team of seasoned professionals.
  • Get the amazing value of self publishing your book rather than going the traditional publishing route, while not losing anything in quality.

We provide a custom quote specifically for you based on your needs – and we make sure that it fits within your budget. Our industry-standard pricing ensures you benefit with top talent, true value, and a high-quality product. You build your own team, which means that where pricing is a consideration, you can select your team based on cost.

Our “Get Ink'd Package”

Imagine how your book could turn out if you work side by side with the very best people in publishing, the same professionals that help put traditionally published bestsellers on bookstore shelves. With Izzard Ink, you pick your team and make sure they share your vision. That is what the Get Ink’d package is all about. You remain in control while we help build a team to make your publishing vision a reality.

A publishing consultant acts as your main contact, providing personalized attention and managing the project, allowing you to make creative decisions while the team turns that vision into reality. The package can be customized to meet the needs of each author, but the pricing below gives you a general idea of what the package covers. Keep in mind, we need to see every manuscript before providing a firm, custom quote.


$9,000(Based on 50,000 words)

*Costs can vary based on choices we offer along the way This Package Includes:




Our designers have worked with numerous celebrities and have gained many #1 bestsellers. They will create an appropriate cover for your book, one that will captivate viewers at first glance.

Basic Proofreading


Having another set of eyes look over your manuscript will ensure you have a polished, finished product.

Full Developmental Editing

$15+ /page

Developmental editing includes a structural edit of your book and plot development, as well as classic line editing: grammatical errors, extra words etc. We help you make sure your manuscript reflects your professionality as an author.



Our designers will capture the tone and mood of your words through proper illustrations.

Book Interior Design


The interior design will reflect the message of the book while ensuring readability and legibility. This also includes typesetting and quality checks, ebooks included.


$500+ /finished Hour

We have access to some of the best narrators in the industry, turning your story into a performance and making it accessible to all.

Done For You Distribution


Having your book in front of the right audience is key, and we help get it there.

Basic Marketing Plan


Using marketing tools like social media, websites and blogs, and book reviews are just a few of the ways we get your book out to the masses.

* NOTE: these are average prices for some of our high quality and professional services. We provide a range of pricing and will work with you to provide a custom package to meet your needs.

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We’ve done it before, and it works. Our Plan, Pick and Publish service is a proven process that
empowers every author, making their dream of creating and publishing their own book a reality.



We assist you with this crucial first step by helping you create a book business plan using our exclusive workbook as a foundation.



We carefully curate 2-3 publishing professionals for your specific needs, experts with years of experience and proven results.



We will be working on your behalf in the background, navigating all the other details to make sure your project is ready to be published.



You will have a dedicated book publishing consultant who is here to guide you and answer all of your questions, every step of the way.

What makes us different from other book publishers

With us, your ideas are always welcome. There’s no need to please an editor or stakeholder. We foster an environment that’s encouraging for everyone —the author, their team and our publishing company.

  • Experienced

    When you chose us, you have a team of experienced book publishing professionals at your disposal.

  • Collaborative

    Collaboration is our hallmark. It's your book project, we're here to make it easier for you

  • Strategic

    With years of publishing experience, we have valuable market insights to share with you.

  • Creative

    As storytellers ourselves, we know what creative energy and out-of-the-box ideas can do for a book project.

  • Invested

    With years of publishing experience, we have valuable market insights to share with you.