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Developing an Idea for Your Self-Published Book

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Izzard Ink is your partner in self-publishing. Unlike a vanity press, which prints anything in exchange for money, our self-publishing company works alongside of budding authors, putting forth our best effort to help you succeed.

While we want authors to stay true to themselves, their ideas, and their concepts, we also know a thing or two about marketing. In fact, it’s a large part of what we do.

As an author, you have a chance to influence others — even change their lives. But you won’t get an opportunity to do that if no one sees your work.

How Does the Development Process Work?

If you’re an aspiring author with a lot of ideas in your head, you’re lucky. Too often, published authors are filled with anxiety because they feel like they don’t have any ideas!

That being said, it’s good to keep in mind that ideas are raw material — they’re like diamonds that need to be extracted from their rough exteriors. Some authors resist this process; their inclination is to keep the diamond in its natural state.

But there’s nothing unnatural about refining a product to improve it. It’s called evolution.

Where to Start with Self-Publishing a Book

When you market any product — a self-published book included — the first step is to stop and ask yourself who your audience is. Too often, novices make the mistake of answering, “Everyone.” No matter how great your self-published book is, it will not appeal to everyone. And if you try, you are more apt to get a product most people feel little attraction to.

Take the time to bring focus to your idea and decide who your audience is. Your market might be middle-aged housewives who love novellas and Snickers bars, introverted young men who enjoy video games and coding, hipster foodies who carry backpacks and wear plaid, shy teenagers who feel lonely and misunderstood — you get the idea.

Of course some of your audience will surprise you and be off-type, that’s completely fine and to be expected. But certain concepts tend to appeal to a particular segment of the population, and that’s what you’re looking to identify when you’re developing your idea for your self-published book.

Izzard Ink Can Help Fine-Tune Your Idea

All this is not to say you should follow a formula or stick to rigid guidelines. The most successful books have something unique and surprising about them that helps endear them to readers. That’s what will make your self-published book special.

The expert team at Izzard Ink is here to guide you in developing your book idea. Contact us today, and take advantage of our years of experience to get ahead of the pack.

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