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How to Write a Book Introduction

The other week I was in need of a good hotel room in Athens, Greece. I took the time to do my research. After narrowing down the field I confirmed a 4-star hotel room. When I arrived at the hotel something was very off. What I thought I was getting was not actually what I booked. Many of the pictures and the descriptions written about the hotel and different rooms was incredibly inaccurate. Upon check-in I immediately asked for a refund and to cancel my reservation. Just like a description of a hotel it is important to create an accurate book introduction.

How to Create Your Book Introduction

How do you write a relevant and convincing book introduction that will be seen on retailer’s sites and on the cover of your book? First, the magic number for number of words for a book introduction is about 175. More than that and a potential reader attention span starts to dwindle. If you opt for just a few words readers will question the lack of quality content in the book. Second, do not give away the storyline. With some book introductions we have reviewed we have noticed that much of the story is given away. Some descriptions have even given away the main ideas or conclusions detailed in the book. Remember, the book introduction is a teaser. Utilize your fan base or avid readers to help you make sure that your book introduction conveys the message you are looking for. Another option that our authors have had success with is researching best-selling books in their book’s category. Once that list is compiled they read several of the book introductions. Our authors like this method because it helps them focus on formulating ideas around successful book introductions. If you find you are still struggling with your book introduction Izzard Ink’s editors and ghostwriters can also lend a hand.

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