self book publishing
The Ultimate Goal

Self book publishing has the end goal of others finding and reading your book. The polishing touches have just been added.

Now comes the most critical part of your books success, distribution and marketing. There are three things needed.

1. Does the cover appeal to get prospective buyers?
2. Does your book have the necessary reviews to convince a reader to purchase you book?
3. Is your book available at bookstores?

Great Covers Get Great Exposure

Get on down to your nearest Barnes & Noble, grab a drink, some chocolate, and take a few minutes to observe the readers. The first impression of a book is the cover.

If the cover is appealing, one will thumb through the interior of the book and read the back of the book. The longer a potential reader has your book in their hand the better chance you have of selling the book.

It is imperative that a cover appeals not only to perspective readers but also book retailers who give your book self space. Also, do not overlook the design of the books spine.

Retailer shelf space is limited and most books don't get displayed cover faced out. Another reason to have a compelling cover. It adds to the overall image of the bookstore. Great covers get great exposure.

Izzard Ink's cover designers have years of experience with major publishers.  Our designers know what it takes to create an appealing cover and interior layout.

Self Book Publishing Reviews

Let's face it. For the most part we read what our peers suggest as well as on-line reviews. Obtaining reviews can be a daunting task. A good place to start is with your professional and personal network. Another place to obtain reviews is from researching different organizations that could benefit from your book.

A third option would be paying for a professional review. Getting at least five solid reviews is one of the most important steps in laying the foundation for a successful book.

A lot time blood sweat and tears have been put into your book but is it available for purchase? Many self book publishing authors think it is enough just to sell their book at the big retailers. Utilizing this method can result in at least a 30% reduction in sales.

In addition, take a look at how your title looks on websites. Make sure it is appealing and your reviews are showcased. Also consider making your title available in hardback, paperback, eBook and audiobook.

Bookstores Sell Your Book

Self book publishing comes up short for most self-publishers due to a lack of planning. It is important to have the entire book publishing process planned out to allow time for everything that will give your book the best shot of making the best sellers list.

Want to distribute your book to 39,000 book retailers all over the world? Contact Izzard Ink and find out how to make your book available to as many as you can. Involving our services from the being can save you from making some irreversible mistakes.

Book Publishing Company Marketing FAQs

What formats of books does Izzard Ink Publishing deal with?
We have eBook, paperback, hardback, minibook and audiobook options.
How many books stores will my books be available in?
Izzard Ink has partnered with Ingram so your books will be available in 39,000 bookstores all over the world.
What eBook outlets do you currently work with?
Currently Izzard Ink Publishing is working with Apple, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Google. Those are the four major players. We will be adding more eBook retailers shortly.
What is the cost of distribution?
The setup fee is $495. A per book sold fee of $1.50 is also charged to upkeep the distribution network. If you are listing a hardback, paperback and eBook, of the same title, the setup fee is $995. Audiobooks have a setup fee of $95 and a per download charge of $1.00. The length of distribution agreement is seven years.
What is included in the distribution package?
  • ISBN for each edition
  • Print distribution in up to 39,000 retailers all over the world for a minimum of three years.
  • Ad placed in the Ingram catalog that goes out to retailers.
  • eBook distribution on Amazon, iBook, Nook, and Google Play
  • Access to post blogs on Izzard Ink's website
  • Access to promote your videos on Izzard Ink's YouTube Channel
  • Author's page on Izzard Ink website
  • Audiobooks will be available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes
Can I really get on national radio and TV shows?
Annie, head of our Public Relations Department, will review your biography and your book. Once she knows you are a good fit for radio, you will only be charged for the shows you are on. Once you have proven yourself on a few radio shows, Annie can start to find out what TV shows are interested in you. There is a one-time fee to be considered for TV appearances. After that, you will only be charged for the television shows in which you make an appearance.

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