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Self Publishing Companies

Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls Front Cover
Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls Front Cover

Self Publishing companies like Izzard Ink are about building people and authors, not just publishing every book they can. Our company was built with the idea of if an author wanted the best book out on the market, how could they go about it in a way that will meet their goals.

Every author needs to have access to the top talent used by the major publishing houses. Authors should have a single person who is their personal publishing manager to guide them through the entire publishing process and give them their best options. They should be a phone call, text or email away.

While getting feedback on his manuscript, Paul B. Skousen’s team of avid readers wanted to see a map included with Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls. How could this be accomplished and do you trust just anyone who says they can draw you a map?

Paul wanted the map done right. Izzard Ink went to work and proposed a few different accomplished artists that specialized in cartography.

Ultimately Paul picked Michael Gellatly, who drew the maps for George R. R. Martins World of Ice and Fire. It was more expensive but Paul got the best artist for the job. Additionally, using this industry connected artist gave his books added creditably. This led to radio show spots that promoted his book.
As you are searching for self-publishing companies ask yourself a few key questions.

As you are searching for self-publishing companies ask yourself a few key questions.

  • Will the self-publishing company help me find a proven editor?
  • Will my cover design and interior book layout look like it came from a major publisher?
  • Will they provide a way for me to market my book?
  • What if I need other elements added to my book. Do they know where to go?
  • Does the distribution network extend all over the world?
  • Do they offer other services such as website development to build me as an author?
  • Do they care about your success not only as an author but also as a person?

When comparing self-publishing companies 100% of nothing is still, nothing. Izzard Ink Publishing works to give their authors to give the best book. Contact us today to get started.

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