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Do You Need a Self-Publishing Business Plan?


Self-Publishing Business Plan

These days, publishing a book is incredibly simple. But publishing a successful one is not. Just because you can publish your book with no help from experts doesn’t mean that you should. Have you thought about a self-publishing business plan?

In this past December’s EliteWire podcast, Izzard Ink founder Tim McConnehey spoke to host and PR expert Annie Jennings about Izzard’s story, services for authors, collaborative publishing approach, and self-publishing business plans. Here are a few key takeaways to help authors understand how Izzard’s process can help a book succeed.

The perks of self-publishing, with less room for error

“[Izzard Ink] actually came about by reading a Wall Street Journal article about ebooks, I went out and found an author and said, ‘hey let’s do this, let’s get all your books in ebook format, let’s go and sell them,’ it ended up being successful, and from that point it’s kind of morphed into how can we come up with the best process possible to help authors have the same quality and the same team that Big 5 major publishing houses have.”

Self-publishing has enjoyed its meteoric rise thanks to the control it affords authors, in terms of creative decisions, copyright ownership, and revenue. It also allows for a much speedier process, compared to the years it can take to publish a book through conventional channels.

Yet, typically in self-publishing, there are no seasoned professionals to provide guidance in areas beyond writing itself, such as editing, design, and marketing. Authors can publish virtually anything – and they do.

Unless publishing books is merely a hobby, authors should use every available resource to ensure their book can compete with bestsellers and traditionally published titles, so it isn’t lost among the many books self-published with minimal effort or expertise. Self-publishing authors can compete with traditionally published authors, but it takes a comparable amount of planning, experience, and hard work.

Izzard offers a publishing process tailored to your needs and goals, helping you hand-pick a team of publishing talent with years of experience in traditional publishing and with multiple #1 bestselling books, helping to ensure your book has the level of quality readers expect.

Self-publishing business plan

“First we sit down and we ask [authors] what are their goals. And you’ll be amazed at how many authors haven’t sat down and said my goal with [my] book is to build my business, or to become a bestselling author, or to preserve history, in some circumstances…start out with your goals. If you don’t have a goal you can’t build your plan from that point.”

Izzard’s book strategy isn’t just about giving the author control and then ensuring quality. It’s also about empowering authors with a self-publishing business plan tailored to their personal goals. The author makes the final call on everything, but Izzard also provides guidance at every step.

Izzard leverages our own experience to gear every step of the publishing process toward reaching an author’s specific objectives.

No author has the skills to take on every step of the publishing process, which goes far beyond simply writing a book. That’s why Izzard helps authors create a team designed to pursue those goals, while balancing the unique strengths and weaknesses of the author.

We help you articulate those goals, zero in on your strengths and weaknesses, create a self-publishing business plan that works for your needs, and provide everything you need to accomplish your goals for your book.

Your passion, our experience

“We’ve been actually most successful with authors that are very passionate about writing. We have a saying that we go by inside of Izzard Ink, it’s called ‘success is mastering failure.’ We want people to understand and learn from our mistakes…we want them passionate about what they’re doing. We want them serious about building a team. We want them serious about the success of their book.”

One of the problems with self-publishing is that most authors begin with zero publishing experience. No amount of writing experience or talent can compensate for bad design, distribution, or marketing. If people can’t find your book, or don’t decide to give it a chance, they’ll miss out on your writing no matter how talented you may be. Especially in a world as saturated with competition as the online book marketplace. That’s why a self-publishing business plan is so important.

Izzard has years of trial and error under its belt, and your team of publishing experts will offer experience with major publishers, working on bestselling books. Even as a first-time author, working with Izzard will allow you to benefit from the experience, successes, and past failures, of veteran publishers.

At the same time, the author’s passion and drive is just as important as that experience and expertise. Our process is most effective when the author is highly motivated to succeed.   For more information, be sure to check out the EliteWire podcast, and the rest of Izzard’s website and blog.

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