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Paul B. Skousen

The Search for Rasha

My dearest Bassam, Come for me. I am taken away to a dark place. It is the end of my life. I have nothing but this script to console–and my thoughts of you. If these words find you when it is too late, let them comfort you for your life without me at your side. –Forever yours, Rasha


In the Shadow of Pyramids: Bassam's Perilous Odyssey for a Love Unyielding

What is greater than the search for love? Finding the love of your life and having her ripped away.

In the dark of night, a covert group of bandits enters the village of Rekeem and kidnaps Rasha, daughter of the great Abdali-ud-din leader, Zafir. They seek a hefty ransom, and know Zafir will sacrifice everything to win back the safety of his beloved daughter. But it’s not just Zafir who wants to find her. Bassam, Zafir’s young prot g in the caravans, is deeply in love with Rasha. And he will let nothing stop him from finding her–even a perilous journey–even death.

This epic third installment of the Bassam Saga follows Bassam, Rasha, and a colorful cast of characters on a heroic trek from Rekeem, across Egypt, to the pyramids, and the great Nilus River, and back again. What begins as a quest for lost love becomes a battle for life as the pursuers become the hunted, and realize that not everyone is who they seem. With timeless style and masterful storytelling, Paul B. Skousen leads us on a coming-of-age tale that tests will, valor, wit, and swordsmanship, and ultimately bring us back to love.

Category: Historical Fiction
Release date: October 30, 2018
Page size: 6″x 9″
Word count: 95,500
Estimated page count: 315


paul skousen
Paul B. Skousen

About The Author

Paul B. Skousen is an author and instructor on the United States Constitution. He received his undergraduate from BYU in Journalism and his Master’s degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University.

After graduate school Paul worked for President Ronald Reagan in the White House Situation Room. In addition, Paul was an intelligence officer for the CIA. He received national notoriety when he preserved a large bag of shredded top secret documents, the so-called “smoking gun” from the Iran-Contra Affair, that he sold piecemeal as “shredded secrets from the White House.” Paul Harvey and other media outlets covered the unusual story.

Paul has extensive experience interviewing political and military leaders in Egypt, Israel and Jordan, including the former prime minister of Jordan, the political advisor to Egypt’s President Mubarak, and senior generals in the Israeli military.

Paul is the author of seven books including How to Save the Constitution, How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the Bassam Adventure Series and The Naked Socialist. He has revised and edited several of his father’s books including Fantastic Victory, The Cleansing of America, The Five Thousand Year Leap Glenn Beck Edition, and The Majesty of God’s Law. He is currently writing the Biography of W. Cleon Skousen, among other projects, and is a frequent speaker and constitutional instructor.

Additionally, Paul has been a columnist for The Daily Caller, and currently teaches communications and journalism at Utah Valley University.


The Search for Rasha
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review
More vivid than most historical novels set in Egypt, Skousen’s attention to deep detail in describing not only events but Rasha’s times makes The Search for Rasha a compelling recommendation that’s hard to put down.
Joel R. Dennstedt
Readers’ Favorite, Five Star Review
Paul B. Skousen tells the story of The Search for Rasha with a polished economy of writing rarely seen today, and certainly with a poetic beauty and sense of presence mastered only by experience. It may seem hyperbolic praise to add: This book reeks of intelligence and knowledge. Academic authenticity saturates this high-paced thriller with immediacy and belief.

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