Zafir and the Seventh Scroll

For those familiar with the adventures of Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls, this book will be a much-anticipated continuation of the story of this brave young man and his adventures as a traveling merchant. Those new to the story will find Bassam and his journeys in the Far East of long ago no less fascinating for its historical detail, and for Bassam’s experiences and exploits.

An engaging old-fashioned adventure story, Zafir and the Seventh Scroll will take you to lands far away in time and place, as Bassam is called on to grow from a boy to a young man. The story begun in e Seven Secret Scrolls continues as Bassam rejoins his caravan, only to find his mentor, Zafir, gravely injured and facing death. Will Bassam be able to get him the help he needs – and will he ever learn what is in the seventh secret scroll, to complete his education and become the upstanding young leader Zafir sees in him?

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